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Touko smiled as she walked into her house, happy to finally have found all the sages, sadly though, none had any information on N. Even when she called Calie to get info, Calie said she hadn't seen him, but she heard Steven Stones in the background snoring. Catherine smiled at Touko, and Touko gave a sad smile of her own.

"Any information on N?" Catherine asked.

"No, but Looker said he saw him in a distant region, but who knows which region that is. It's been a year since I last saw him." Touko said, and then she saw someone in the kitchen.

"Do we have company?" Touko asked, since Touya was in a different town until tomorrow.

"Why yes, Bianca come on into the living room." Catherine said and Bianca came in with a smile.

"Hey Touko!" Bianca said and held out a neatly wrapped purple box.

"Whats this?" Touko asked, and Bianca smiled.

"A present silly. Today you turn 17." Bianca said and Touko blushed in embarrassment.

"I totally forgot..." Touko said and lowered her head, but toke the box anyways.

"What's in it?" Touko asked, and Bianca grinned.

"open it." Bianca urged.

Touko unwrapped the box, and gasped. It was a bracelet that matched Ns' square bracelet. She had always said how she wanted one because it was so cool to see one, and now she had one of her own.

"Wherever did you find one?" Touko asked putting it on.

"I looked everywhere for one, and got Calies' help in making it. It's a gift from me and her. Cheren won't be back until tomorrow." Bianca said, for Cheren was still in training for becoming a Gym Leader.

"Thank you so much." Touko said getting up, and hugging her.

"Your welcome. Also, watch this." Bianca said after she looked at her Xtransceiver.

Bianca turned the T.V. on, and smiled at her.

"I gotta get going, but watch it." Bianca said and left.

Touko looked at the T.V, and sat down. Suddenly the Announcer lady turned toward a man Touko recognized immediately. He had long tea green hair in a low ponytail, his tea green eyes shinned in happiness, and he still wore the same outfit. He had a Zoroark by his side, in which Toukos' own Zoroark perked up.

"This man, N. Harmonia, has changed many people's view on Pokemon across the region's. He first started in Kanto and has just finished helping many people here in Sinnoh! Sir, where you you plan on going next?" the lady asked him, and he smiled.

"I plan on going back to where I belong. Back to Unova, it was actually someone else who gave me the inspiration to change Pokemon and people alike. To help better their relationship's." N said, and pulled out a azure blue locket, and Touko gasped as she pulled out a light green locket, he still had it.

"She's still in Unova from what I hear, she helped me become who I am, and it's about time I return to my region." N said and then Calie appeared making Touko gasp, and then growl.

'That sly little Zorua!' Touko thought amused, and then sighed, why did she lie?

"N, we have to get going. The Ferry leave's in an hour, and we're no where close!" Calie said running off with Steven Stones.

"Right! No comment!" N said and left with them. -End of T.V. Program-

Toukos' eyes widened as she watched the commercial. N was...returning? Touko gasped, returned Zoroark to her Poke-ball, grabbed her bag, and hat, made sure the bracelet was secure before putting her wristbands on, and securing her belt.

"I'm going out mom!" Touko called out before running out.

"Let's go Zebstrika!" Touko called out, and her electric type Pokemon appeared.

"I don't wanna bother Reshiram since he's tried, and Nimbasa isn't that far away. I wanna see if that's where he's going." Touko said getting on him, and ran off.

Later with Calie, Steven, and N: Calie, Steven, and N got off the boat, but Calie with Steven stopped and N turned toward them with a smile.

"Thanks you two. Without you guys I never would've made it through the region's." N said as he shook their hands.

"No problem N, you just better fix your relationship with Touko." Calie said and N nodded.

"I will. I want her to know how I truly feel." N said before smiling at them.

"This is as far as we're taking you. We gotta get back home to Kanto." Calie said and Steven nodded.

"Yeah, so see ya N." Steven said as him and N high fived.

"See ya Steven and Calie." N said and ran off while Calie smiled.

"I bet you anything he's going to Nimbasa." Calie said and Steven chuckled.

"He probably is." Steven said before they got back on the boat.

Nimbasa: Touko got off Zebstrika and returned him to his Poke-ball, and running toward the Ferris Wheel, and she noticed she was sooner than she had wished. She looked around and sighed. He wasn't there yet, so Touko let her Zoroark out to enjoy the fresh air, and to see Ns' Zoroark for when he arrive's...if he does. She didn't know his feelings for her, but she hopped they were like her's.

"I hope to see him again Zoroark. I miss him." Touko said as she rubbed Zoroarks' head.

Suddenly arms wrapped around Toukos' waist and the same was for Zoroark. Suddenly Touko heard an amused chuckle, and her Zoroark smelt a mischievous scent.

"Hello, Touko." The familiar voice of N said, and Touko smiled before turning in his arms and hugging him.

Zoroark did the same as her trainer, but instead of hugging, she touched noses with him, making him blush. Touko and N smiled at their Pokemon before looking at one another.

"Where have you been?" Touko asked and N smiled.

"Everywhere. I've been to every region, and reunited with Calie and her fiance Steven Stones, the Hoenn Champion. They're great also. She had some people called Ash, and May move in with her, but she's okay." N said smiling gently at Touko.

"Well then, what have you been doing?" Touko asked and N smirked.

"Must I answer that question?" N joked and Touko laughed.

"I already know." Touko said and grabbed the necklace she gave him and smiled at him.

"I'm glad to see you kept it all this time." Touko said smiling at him, and he nodded with a blush.

"I treasure it most." N said and Touko smiled.

"Something tells me you didn't come back just to say hi." Touko said going straight to the point and N nodded, before tightening his grip around her waist.

"I came back to tell you something." N said and Touko looked at him confused.

"And what would that something be?" Touko asked and N toke a deep breathe before cupping her face, and smiled.

"I love you." N said before kissing her.

Toukos' eyes widened before her eyes closed and she kissed back. N was surprised, but he didn't show it as he deepened the kiss. Unfortunately, they had to separate for air, and they looked at each other before smiling at each other and hugging.

"I missed you Touko, I'm not leaving again. I love you." N said and Touko blushed but smiled back.

"I love you too, N. So you better not leave." Touko said kissing him.
This thought would not leave my mind. I have wanted to do something related to my original story and that dealt with the necklace. The Azure Necklace, and the Light Green Necklace. Anyways, yes Calie and Steven Stones are fiance's in this story because this could be after my Pokemon Reunited story ad the Unova Travel's story.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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