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N sighed to himself as he watched Calie, Touko, and Touya interact with their Pokemon. They had just arrived at Mistralton City, and they were just sitting at the exit toward the pathways above the grass. N at the moment had his attention focused on Touko and Calie, mainly Touko. They were both as he had hoped, people who don't use Pokemon as tools, and people who don't treat Pokemon with disrespect. Touya at points scolded his Pokemon, but Calie and Touko encouraged their Pokemon so they could do better next time. At the moment Calie was petting Ninetails, Touya was asleep by Stoutland, and Touko was hugging Samurott. N smiled at the scene, and stretched, being careful of how he did so. He was currently in a tree watching them, but he only watched to make sure nothing happened to them. Ghetsis was starting to get violent back at the castle whenever a grunt loses to Touko and her group, so N was watching them making sure nothing bad happened the them. N growled as he held his head in his hands, and then slid them down to his shoulders, smoothing some of his hair out. Why was he so scared and worried for them, but why mainly Touko? N couldn't understand, and he didn't know why. Suddenly Touko stretched and looked at Calie.

"Hey Calie, I'm gonna get so sleep, kay? I gotta be ready to face Skyla tomorrow." Touko said and Calie nodded.

"I know, but you did a really wonderful thing at the Tower. That sound was beautiful." Calie commented and Touko blushed in embarrassment.

"T-thanks." Touko said, and Samurott laid down behind Touko, and allowed Touko to rest up against him.

"Hn? Samurott?" Touko questioned, but he only gave a smile, and Touko gave one back, before snuggling into him, and going to sleep.

Calie smiled to herself, and then looked at the tree suspiciously, and N gulped. Did she notice him?

"I know someone is there. Show yourself!" Calie said, but not loud enough to wake Touya or Touko.

N sighed, and jumped down from the tree, and looked at Calie. Her face turned from protection, to surprise and shock, then to slight happiness with some protection. She still wanted to be his friend, but after her and Touko figuring out he was with Team Plasma where a bit protective...well, at least Calie was. Whenever Touko saw him, she would always welcome him with open arms, Touya would always want to kill him considering Touya felt he should be protective over Touko and Calie.

"Hey N, what is it?" Calie asked, and Ninetails lifted her head, and he nodded to her, and she looked at Calie.

"It deals with Touko, and his feelings. Can he sit down?" Ninetails questioned Calie.

"I'm not the Leader, but yeah, you can sit down, don't stand there so stiff. Be glad Touya is asleep." Calie joked, hoping to lighten the mood, and it did as N gave a soft chuckle.

N sat down beside Calie as Calie began to form a fire. It was close to night-time anyways, Ninetails laid on the left side of Calie, but wrapped her tails around her to cuddle with Calie in a way.

"So, what is it that you wanna discuss. It has to do with Touko from what Ninetails said." Calie asked, and N nodded.

"It's not only Touko, but my feelings. Have you...ever felt afraid?" N asked, and Calie gave him a confused look.

"Yeah, but I don't know where this is going. I mean, I've felt afraid before, many times. In what way do you mean though?" Calie asked, and N sighed.

"Have you ever felt afraid...for anyone aside from yourself?" N asked, shyly.

"Oh yeah, many times actually. Like two days, ago, when me and Touko where in the cave, I began to worry for her. She was acting so reckless. She was always getting herself hurt. I congrats her on taking the attacks for her Pokemon from the Plasma Grunt's but..." Calie was cut off by N.

"Wait, you mean my Team Plasma attacked you?" N asked, shocked.

"Yeah, we were attacked. I can't really remember, but there was this group of them who surrounded us. They toke out Ninetails and Samurott, the only Pokemon we had out, and then fully surrounded us. Then, they held me back, and one of them attacked Touko." Calie said and relaid the memory.

-Flashback- Touko screamed in pain as she fell to the floor.

"TOUKO!" Calie screamed, but was silenced by a smack from a grunt.

"Silence." The male said, and turned toward Touko, and punched her again.

"Stop it!" Calie cried out.

"Ghetsis had told us to eliminate you two for meddling in our Lords' plans too much." the male grunt said before kicking Touko.

"Stop it, your hurting her!" Calie cried out, and ripped herself free, before throwing her body over Touko.

"Where is Touya?" Touko asked weakly.

"He went on ahead. He's waiting for us, come on Touko." Calie said trying to help her, but a grunt grabbed her, and threw her to the ground.

"OW!" Calie screamed out, and held her back and it burned.

Touko was left on the ground as a grunt grabbed Calie, and punched her. Calie held her jaw as it seared with pain. Calie looked around and saw Samurott was down from earlier and Ninetails was also.

"At least let me return Ninetails and Samurott to their rightful Poke-balls." Calie said with a sob.

She at least wanted them to be safe. A grunt did that for her, and Calie sighed and glared at the grunt holding her.

"Take me, and leave Touko alone. Take her the next city, and do what you want with me." Calie said, and Touko looked at her.

"No, don't Calie!" Touko said, but was silenced as she was kicked.

She was kicked so forcefully, she fell into a crystal, and screamed as it shocked her a bit, and she fell down, with a burnt back, and in pain.

"TOUKO!" Calie screamed and then glared at the grunt. -Flashback end-

"We were only able to escape because my Mightyena, and because of Toukos' Zebstrika. They came out and protected us and got us to this city. Thankfully, me and Touko sustained no major injuries." Calie said, but then noticed Ns' murderous looks.

"N?" Calie questioned.

"How could they?" N said in anger.

"I thought Team Plasma would listen to me. Apparently not. Looks like when I get back I'll have to teach them a few things." N said then looked at Touko.

" fully fine, right?" N asked, but Calie noticed the worry in his voice, and smiled.

"She's fine. No major injury was inflicted on us, and we both recovered in no time. I can say one thing for sure though, Zorua was worried sick about her. She wouldn't move until Touko woke up. I woke up before Touko did, so that's how I know." Calie said, and N smiled.

"Has Zorua evolved yet?" N asked, and Calie nodded.

"Yeah, she evolved earlier today. Thanks to my noticing something off, and Ninetails growling, the child transformed into back into Zorua and attacked, but that's for a different time." Calie said and N sighed.

"The reason I wanted to know about that was because...I'm afraid for Touko. I don't want her to get hurt." N said and Calie smiled.

"Your on a whole different level of feelings buddy." Calie said and N looked at her confused.

"Your feeling what most humans feel toward another person. N, tell me more about how you feel, then I might be able to help more." Calie said with a smile, laying her head on her hands, and N thought.

He told Calie about how he was afraid of Touko getting hurt, how he was jealous of Cheren and Touya, even though he's her brother, being around Touko, how he had always wished to see someone like her tending to Pokemon so dearly, how he felt attached to her, and that's when she stopped him.

"N, do you know what you feel toward her?" Calie asked, and that's when Ninetails perked up.

"I guess no." N said with a shrug, and Calie smirked to herself.

"N, your in love with her." Calie said and Ns' eyes widened.

"" He questioned, and held his head.

He knew what love was, all because of a dictionary he was given, and now that Calie just said it, he felt butterfree's fluttering into his stomach, and when he looked at Touko, it got stronger.

"I' love...w-with Touko." N said.

Suddenly a huge blush crept up on his face, and he shot up.

"I-I have to g-go!" N said and ran off.

"N wait!" Calie shouted, but he was already gone.

"What am I gonna do about those two Ninetails?" Calie asked as she referred to N and Touko, but Ninetails only shrug.

With N: N ran as fast as he could, he had to have some time to think for himself. He entered the Pokemon Center, rented a room, and fell onto the bed, and sighed. He couldn't believe it. He was in love with the enemy, but he knew for a long time he loved her, he just didn't want to admit it, but now it was confirmed. Zoroark came out, and nuzzled him.

"Are you okay Lord N?" Zoroark asked.

"No Zoroark, I'm not. Now that I know the truth, I don't know what to do. This wasn't suppose to happen!" N said frustrated beyond reason.

N returned Zoroark to his Poke-ball and laid down again. How was he gonna handle this? He loved Touko, and didn't wanna fight her. Maybe once he gets Zekrom, he can get some more advice from the legendary.
This is a scene that might be shown in my Pokemon: Unova story that might be coming soon to DA. This is when N first realize's he's in love with Touko, and this is also if N and Touko don't have a secret relationship, which I am still debating.

Anyways, Calie, Touya, and Touko do travel together, but Touya goes on ahead a lot to get the badges before they do so the gym leader has time to heal their Pokemon, and yeah, Team Plasma is gonna be a big pain to Touko, and the others.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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Yeah. ^^ N just found out he liked Touko. But this is a 'maybe' scene. This is if N and Touko don't have a secret relationship. Actually...I have a great idea.
AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maria65 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
After this scene, when Touko defeat's Skyla, N could ask if he could speak with Touko alone. Calie would allow it of course and drag Touya away, and after N hears what Toukos' Pokemon say, he would confess, that's when they start having a secret relationship. ^^
AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maria65 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
Yep. ^^ It still has to be fully planned through, and I'm gonna have to figure out how it's gonna be natural with the actual story-line, but I gotta write the original story to begin with so I can see how to fit it in.
AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I see=)
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me like
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Thanks. ^^
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