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Touko sighed, before grabbings Ns' wrist and yanking him to her, hugging him before he had time to react. N was frozen for a minute, wondering why Touko was hugging him. He needed to leave before something happened between them. He didn't want to leave a broken hearted Touko if something more meaningful like this happened. But instinct went against him, and he hugged her back, before sighing and breathing the scent of her in. Fresh grass, and berries, just like he thought. Then N, and Touko let each other go, before Touko looked at him with a sad smile on her lips, and tears being held back.

"I'm sorry Touko, but I have to leave." N said one last time.

"I know N. Also, N?" Touko said as N walked away, but turned toward her as he approached Zekrom.

"Be careful, and when you realized your dream...come back...okay?" Touko asked.

N thought about it for a moment, before giving himself a small smile, and turning his attention back to Touko with a bigger smile.

"Will do Touko. I'll come back one day." N said before getting on Zekrom.

Touko went toward the hole, and surprisingly enough, Zekrom didn't growl or leave quickly. Zekrom moved his head closer to Touko, and Touko reached a hand out to rub his head goodbye. N watched with a smile as Touko bid Zekrom goodbye also. N then ordered Zekrom to fly. Zekrom nodded, before smiling at Touko, and flew off, leaving Touko who smiled as a lone tear went down her face.

Touko turned around and smiled up at Reshiram who gave a small nod, and whimpered, before touching her chest, and rubbed her chest before encasing Touko with his wings as a small hug, his claws on her shoulders. Touko smiled before kissing Reshirams' nose, and he smiled at her.

"Well, Reshiram, we better get going. Cheren, Bianca, and Alder are probably waiting for us. I wonder what happened with Ghetsis." Touko said, and then a dark voice spoke.

"No need to worry. He's right behind you." The voice said, and when Touko whipped around, a Hydreigon used Hyper Beam on her Reshiram sending him to the ground.

"RESHIRAM!" Touko shouted.

Reshiram stood up, pretty weak, but once Dragons Pulse hit him, it knocked him out for good.

"RESHIRAM, NO!" Touko shouted in worry, but returned him, as Ghetsis turned toward her with a smirk.

Suddenly another Hyper Beam sped her way and Touko gasped.

With Cheren and the gym leaders: Cheren was pacing back a fourth, the gym leaders all waiting for Touko to come out. Bianca was looking at Cheren is sadness, knowing Cheren was worried for Toukos' well being. Cheren sighed in aggitation before sitting down beisde Bianca.

"Where is she?!" Cheren shouted, and Lenora, the Gym leader of Nacrene City glared at him.

"You calm down youn' man. I'm sure she's fine." Lenora said in her accent.

"I agree with Lenora, Cheren. Touko is the strongest person we know. I'm sure she's fine." Cilan said, one of the triplets of Striaton Citys' Gym.

"Cilan is right Cheren. I'm sure..." Alder was cut off as a scream was heard from the first floor.

Cheren and the others panicked as they were outside the Castle, when suddenly what looked to be Hyper Beam blasted through one of the walls near the top. Cheren gasped as did the other gym leaders.

"We gotta go help her!" Cheren said before grabbing Bianca's hand, and they all followed Cheren to the top.

With Touko: Touko jumped again as Hydreigon used Hyper Beam on her again. Touko was panting and looked toward her fallen down comrades. Samurott, Stoutland (the one her brother gave her), Unfezant, Reshiram (who she had healed.), Haxorus, and her Simisear. Touko was about to return them to their respective poke-ball, but the Hydriegon rushed at her. Touko turned around in time for the dragon-type to grab her arm with it's teeth. Touko screamed a bit, as the dragon clamped down on her right arm, and Touko struggled to be released, the pain slowly become unbearable.

"If you keep struggling, it'll hurt even more than it already is." Ghetsis said walking to her, and held her chin.

"I see why N flattered in his battle against you now. Unlike him seeing Pokemons' trust, I see something much more valuable." Ghetsis said with a wicked smirk.

Touko slapped his hand away, before Ghetsis grabbed the free arm, and Hygriegon used one of his toothy hands to hold it down. Touko winced a bit at the slight pain, and glared at Ghetsis, only hoping someone would save her. Ghetsis held her chin again, before slamming his lips to hers.

With N: N sighed as Zekrom flew away slowly. He knew he shouldn't leave her like that, but he felt he hand no choice. He'd slow her down by looking for his purpose. N sighed, and he leaned back a bit, and looked at the slowly fading Castle. Suddenly a small flash happened, and N stopped Zekrom.

"Hold up Zekrom, somethings happening." N said.

Zekrom stopped before slowly turning toward the Castle. Small booms were heards and so were a few small roars, but those were barely audible. Suddenly N flew slowly, very slowly toward the Castle. Suddenly a blood-curling scream was heard and a side of the castle was blown through by a Hyper Beam. Ns' blood froze as he noticed it was coming from the top, where the Throne Room was at. He looked toward the front on the Castle and saw some people go in, and froze when he saw Alder again, along with what looked to be Cheren and Bianca. Those were Toukos' was still inside the Castle? Suddenly Zekrom growled before speeding toward the back surprising N.

"ZEKROM!?" N asked confused, but knew what was happening as they approached the hole.

N decided to hop inside before seeing something that prevented him from moving. Ghetsis wasn't locked up at the moment. N gulped and backed up a bit, seeing his father, but his fathers attention was toward Touko as was Toukos' toward Ghetsis. N silently recalled Zekrom, still watching with wide eyes at what was happening. What N saw next made him go cold as Hydreigon bit both of Toukos' arms, and Ghetsis kiss Touko. N clenched his teeth in raw anger at seeing Ghetsis kissing Touko, HIS Touko! Before N could react the door to the room for Cheren and the others to entered closed, and N saw Cheren gasp before it closed.

With Touko: Touko heard Cheren and others yelling when going up the stairs. They sounded as though they were panicking. Touko had no strenght to fight Ghetsis off, but her mouth was firmly closed so she couldn't taste his lips. She suddenly heard a gasp beside the pillar she was pushed against, before she heard a rumble and a click. Touko whipped her head to the side gasping.

"NO!" Touko shouted but then Ghetsis grabbed her chin making her look at him again.

"No one can save you Touko. I could use you for awhile, just like I did N." Ghetsis said, and Touko glared at him.

"You bastard! I hate you!" Touko said but a slap to the face made her shut up as Ghetsis smirked.

"So, your submitteful." Ghetsis said, but Touko glared at him.

'I have no strength to fight him off.' Touko thought, and then her feet went limp as she began panting, the blood draining from her arms, and then Ghetsis smirked at her.

"So that's how it is then, huh? You're losing strenght. Well then, let's end this quickly. Eelektross!" Ghetsis called out before the eel-dragon-like Pokemon came out, growling.

"Attack!" Ghetsis said.

Elecktross attached himself to Toukos leg, and Touko screamed in pain as the teeth sank into her skin. Hydriegon let her go, before biting her leg, and pulling as Ghetsis recalled Electross back to let Hydriegon do the work. Ghetsis smiled sadisticly as Touko screamed at feeling her flesh stretch at the pulling sensation. Touko felt there was no hope for her, and she knew she wouldn't survive this. Suddenly, right before Hydriegon, bite down harder to rip her leg off, Dragon Pulse hit Hydriegon, and Ghetsis turned around, only to see a pissed off N, glaring at him in hatred.

"N?" Ghetsis qeustioned.

"First you use me, then trick me to believe you, trying to make me what you want, then you make me battle Touko at every town, and now here you are trying to kill her?!" N shouted as Zekrom, who he had let out, roared in agreement.

"N...I...I..." Ghetsis began to stutter, knowing what N said was true.

"I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" N shouted as Zekrom used Fusion Bolt, but Hydriegon toke the attack.

Ghetsis gritted his teeth, and before he sent Electross out, the door that closed earlier, blast open. Coming in was Cheren and the others, and they weren't happy. Cheren looked at Ghetsis before glaring at him in pure hatred. Ghetsis gasped, and turned to use Touko as bait, but N was already holding Touko to him, and when Cheren saw, he gave N a small smile, before glaring at Ghetsis.

"We'll be taking you in now." Cheren said before catching Ghetsis off guard with a punch to the face, and a kick to the gut.

Cilan, Chili, and Cress grabbed Ghetsis holding him still as Clay hand-cuffed Ghetsis, and they left with him. Skyla and the other gym leaders followed to make sure Ghetsis didn't make a escape. Cheren, Bianca, and Alder were left with N, and Touko. Cheren turned toward N and Touko, and saw N gently wrapping Toukos' leg up. Touko was holding N tightly to her as he wrapped the leg up. Cheren turned toward Toukos' fallen Pokemon and returned them to their Pokeballs and Bianca healed them before noticing a few scars on Zekrom and healed those. Bianca then walked toward Touko, and N before smiling a warm smile to them as Cheren gave Touko her poke-balls back.

"We'll see you downstairs Touko." Cheren said before giving Touko a kiss on the forehead.

N gave Cheren a silent glared but continued to wrap Toukos' leg up. Cheren smiled before standing up fully, and then Bianca gave Touko a gentle hug, and her with Cheren left the castle. Once Toukos' leg was better, N smiled at Touko, and Touko gave a small smile back. Before Touko could even stand, N stood up, and then scooped Touko in his arms, returning Zekrom to his poke-ball. Touko looked at N questioningly.

" did you know I..." Touko was cut off by N.

"Thank Zekrom for that. I knew something was happening, but when Zekrom growled and speed toward where I left, I knew something was terribly wrong." N stated.

"Oh, when you let Zekrom out of the Poke-ball again, tell him I said thanks." Touko said, and N smiled softly at her.

"I'll be sure to do that...Actually..." N stopped for a second as they were one the second floor.

"I won't have to tell him that. You'll be able to tell him yourself." N said and Touko was confused.

"How come?" Touko asked, hoping it was what she thought.

"Because I'm not leaving. What happened earlier made me worry, and I feel if I leave again, he'll break out of jail, and this time actually kill you." N said, worry laced in his voice.

Toukos' eyes were wide, and she looked down before laying her head against his shoulder, startling N a bit. The last time they had such close contact was right before he left, yet it felt like forever, and he silently missed the warmth. N gave a small sigh, and then noticed something. Maybe the reason he missed it, and it felt like forever...was because he loved Touko. Yes, that had to be it. That had to be the reason he missed the warmth she gave off. N smiled, before looking at Touko who was keeping her head to his shoulder, looking downward. Maybe Touko was his purpose in life. Maybe his purpose was to be by her side, protect her and help her. Since they were both Hero's of Unova, maybe both their purpose's was to be together, side-by-side.

"Touko." N said, and she looked at him, and small blush on her face.

"I think I found my purpose." N said before kissing her, shocking her.

When Touko finally registared what was going on, she kissed him back, wanting to feel him closer. She had dreamt of this moment since the first time in Accumula Town, because she had gotten interested in him, mainly because he was alluring. They separated for breath, and Touko was flushed as was N, both panting slightly. N smiled at Touko before kissing her cheek.

"My purpose if you Touko, because I love you." N said, feeling lighter as those he let go of a big weight.

Toukos' eyes widened, before she smiled, keeping tears of joy back before kissing N, deciding to let the tears leak. N kissed back, and he felt the tears, but something told him they weren't ad tears, but tears of joy and happiness. When he separated, his suspicious were confirmed.

"I love you too, N." Touko said before leaning her head against Ns' shoulder again, sighing in contemptment.

N smiled back, before contnuing their way down outside. He had found his purpose, and she had found her new purpose, now they both had a dream, and they had to make that dream come true, and stick to it. Only then would they find true happiness, and upon reaching outside, it was bright and sunny, Cheren, Bianca and the other gym leaders were there, smiling at N and Touko. Now that Ghetsis was gone, they could all live, and happy and bright future. Suddenly Zekrom and Reshiram appear flying into the air, enjoying the sunny sky, both knowing their Trainer's had a bright future ahead of them, and they were willing to follow their Trainers'.
O.O This is the longest Short Story I've ever made. Anyways, yes I know another Pokemon Fanfic, don't judge me. Anyways, yes I know, I'm a total geek about the ending to Pokemon Black and White, but I love the game. ^^ I also know I'm a total geek about FerrisWheelShipping. Anyways, I decided to do another evil one about Ghetsis attacking Touko, and this turned out pretty good. Yay! N is here to save the day. ^^ I love how I did the story, because I can picture everything. It's not as good as the way it played in my mind, but I tried. ^^

Anyways, tell me what you think. ^^
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