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Flarena groaned as she laid down in her room, and then growled to herself after awhile. Where was Carrol?! It was almost morning, and she had been up all night waiting for him.

"Where the hell is he at?! He should be back by now." Flarena thought, and then looked at the purple, red, and blue egg between her two front paws.

"If only he was here to see how beautiful you looked." Flarena said before rubbing the egg gently.

She picked it up in her mouth and went back to the hatchery, and laid it down in the area the egg stayed alone. Flarena smiled gently at the egg. Suddenly the doors opened, and Flarena turned around to see Terrador, and he smiled in relief, and walked toward her.

"It's only you." Terrador said and stopped beside her looking at the egg.

"Came to see the egg again?" Someone else questioned, and Terrador with Flarena turned around to see Volteer and Cyril walking toward them.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I, when the egg is mine?" Flarena questioned.

"Heehee, just saying." Cyril said as they stopped beside them.

Flarena smiled before turning to look at her egg in adoration, and then paws were heard. They turned around and saw Carrol holding a bag in his mouth confused. He laid the bag down before stretching, and looking at them confused. Flarena growled, before pushing past the Council.

"Where have you been all day?! First you don't get to see the birth of the egg, and now you're randomly disappearing?! What have you been doing?" Flarena shouted at him, and he glared at her.

"I was outside gathering food okay?! Is there a problem with that?" Carrol shouted back and Flarena growled at him.

"Yes, it is in fact, when it's repeatedly that you keep disappearing on me!" Flarena said before sighing and turning away from him.

Carrol wouldn't have it as he slammed a paw on her tail, and she growled in pain before turning to him, her red eyes glowing in rage. Terrador decided to interfere, and he walked toward them, separating them.

"Not now, and not here. The egg could get destroyed." Terrador said as he pushed Carrols' paw off of Flarenas' tail.

Flarena gasped before running to the egg, and nuzzling it, before leaving the room, confusing them all.

"Wonder what she's up to?" Volteer said, and Terrador shrugged.

"I'll follow her." Terrador said leaving with the Council, Cyril taking the bag Carrol brought with him.

Carrol walked up to the egg, and looked at it with a small smile. Soon him and Flarena would have their own child. Carrol nuzzled the egg before leaving the room also.

With Flarena: Flarena smiled as she saw Sparx and she quickly walked toward him.

"Hey Sparx, I have a favor to ask of ya." Flarena said and Sparx smiled before flying toward her.

"What is it gal?" Sparx asked her and Flarena smiled at him.

"You know Haze right? Blazes' dragonfly?" Flarena asked, and Sparx nodded.

"Well, can you go get him? He should know where Blaze is." Flarena said.

"Uh, sure Flare, but what about Carrol? Won't he be mad?" Sparx said, worried for Flarena, and using her nickname he used for her.

"Tch! I could care less. He doesn't act like the husband he should be." Flarena whispered to Sparx, and Sparx nodded with a sigh.

"Sure, I'll go get them. Do ya want me getting Spyro and the others?" Sparx asked.

"No, don't bother them. They might get mad I didn't tell them sooner, and one of them might tell her about what Spyro and Malefor did. I don't want her to know that." Flarena said and Sparx nodded before leaving.

Week later: Flarena was waiting on the balcony, and soon Sparx appeared again, panting.

"Man, I didn't know how far Zoras' village was." Sparx said with a sigh.

"What was their response?" Flarena asked.

"Is Carrol back?" Sparx asked worried, knowing that is Carrol was listening, Carrol might go after Blaze.

"No, he's out again somewhere." Flarena said with a growl of anger.

"Oh, well, Blaze said him and Haze will be here sometime tomorrow. Since it toke a week for me to get back, he should be here by tomorrow." Sparx said and Flarena smiled.

"Glad to know he can make it." Flarena said as Sparx flew beside her, and she smiled at him before walking back inside.

Flarena walked toward the room again where her egg was at, and smiled before sitting down, and looked at Sparx with a smile.

"Just like when you found Spyros' egg, huh?" Flarena question Sparx, but he only shrugged.

"Don't know. I wasn't there when my parents found Spyros' egg." Sparx questioned, and Flarena smiled.

Suddenly a crack was heard, but they turned their attention to the door confused, but saw no one. Flarenas' eyes widened before she looked at Sparx and the crack was heard again.

"Sparx, go get the Council...NOW!" Flarena said, and Sparx panicked as he flew off to get the Council.

'The egg wasn't suppose to hatch this early!' Flarena said as she turned toward her egg, only to see cracks appearing.

With the Council: Terrador was waiting for the Chronicler, who landed into the area, and he turned toward Terrador.

"Where is she Terrador?" The Chronicler asked.

"She's with the egg Ignitus...I mean Chronicler." Terrador said.

"It's okay to call me Ignitus without her around." Ignitus said and they ran toward the Nursery, where Flarena had taken the egg.

With Flarena: Flarena growled as she paced back and forth. Where was Carrol? Where was the Chronicler, and Terrador? Suddenly the doors opened, and Terrador with the Chronicler appeared. (I'll be calling the Chronicler, Ignitus from now on.)

"Chronicler, Terrador there you..." Flarena was interrupted by the doors opening again.

"Flarena, I'm here. What's with the panic in the Temple?" A familiar voice said, and when they saw who it was, it was Blaze.

His red scales had slightly darkened as he had gotten a bit older, and his yellow eyes no longer held a brown tint to them, and Haze, his green dragonfly was with him also.

"Let me guess, the egg?" Haze questioned.

"Yeah, see?!" Flarena said as they all walked toward the egg.

Blaze smiled as the egg hatched before looking at the anxious Flarena, and he smiled before he touched her cheek with his snout.

"Hey, relax okay?" Blaze said, and Flarenas' muscles instantly relaxed.

Suddenly a loud pop was heard and they looked down toward the egg, only to see a leg sticking out, and Flarenas' eyes brightened immensely as she saw a front paw pop out, and soon the rest of the limbs appeared. Flarena giggled as the small dragon had the top of the egg on it's head. Flarena toke the top of the eggshell off of the dragons' head, and they gasped. A...dragoness?

"A baby...dragoness?" Volteer said shocked.

"Seems like it." Terrador said looking at the small dragoness who looked at him curiously.

"Does it mater? She's beautiful." Flarena said as she nuzzled the small dragoness.

The small purple dragoness instantly recognized Flarena as her mother, so she nuzzled back, making Flarena smile. Blaze smiled also and nuzzled the small dragoness also, who smiled back.

"You know, where is Carrol at?" Cyril asked, and Flarena growled as did Blaze.

"Who cares where he is?! He wasn't here to see her born." Flarena said.

"Hey, what're you gonna call her?" Blaze asked.

"I'm gonna call her Seina, the name you suggested." Flarena said, and nuzzled Seina again as the Council smiled.

Ignitus was smiling brighter than anyone else. His daughter finally had her baby, and now, the world could have more peaceful times. Ignitus watched with adoration as Flarena and her child, Seina, bonded to get to know each other better. Hopefully, they would have no trouble. Ignitus then decided he would get to know the baby also, after all, it was his grand-daughter.

'May the ancestor's guide this family into happiness.' Ignitus thought as he nuzzled Seina, who smiled.
Okay, so this is a really long short story, so I was surprised, at least it seemed long. Anyways, I was inspired by one of the pictures I posted and it was of Seina as a baby, and I felt like I had to do a story behind it, and this came up.

Carrol was there to see his baby born, the stupid rat. How could he, but Blaze was there to see her born, which makes him more of a fatherly figure than Carrol, hence the reason Flarena gets with Blaze.

Anyways, hope you all like the story. ^^
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