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Last Chapter:

"It ended up following me, Cheren, and Bianca home after we left. It then became my Pokemon." Touko said smiling.

"I've never known a Pokemon to follow someone home. Well, except for one of my Pokemon. I think it was Liepard." N said and Touko smiled.

"Maybe after I tell you how I met my Pokemon, you can tell me how you meet yours?" Touko suggested, and N looked at her before nodding with a smile.

"Well, how did you meet Lucario?" N asked.

"It was right after I got Dratini." Touko said as she relayed the memory.

-Flashback- Touko was smiling as she walked the garden with Dratini and Oshawott. Cheren and Bianca were still in training, so she was alone, but that didn't bother her. She had her Pokemon. Touko sat down beside a pond in the garden, and smiled at her Pokemon as they smiled back.

"So, what do you two wanna do today?" Touko asked Oshawott and Dratini, unknown there was a Pokemon in the garden, getting ready to attack.

Oshawott and Dratini seemed to have noticed because they turned around, and began growling.

"Oshawott, Dratini, what's wrong?" Touko asked, but was given her answer when Vine Whip was used on Oshawott.

"OSHAWOTT?!" Touko screamed.

Suddenly Dratini was also hit, and because neither had training, they went down quickly.

"Oh no, Dratini!" Touko said as she ran toward Oshawott, and Dratini who were side-by-side hurt.

Touko turned around and gasped as she saw an angry Venusaur, and screamed in fear, alerting everyone in the castle. Before anyone could do anything, even get outside, Venusaur wrapped his vines around, and lifted her up before slamming her into the ground. Touko screamed in pain, and suddenly Cheren jumped outside with Snivy.

"Hey Venusaur!" Cheren shouted, and the Venusaur used one vine to grab Cheren and throw him the opposite direction.

Suddenly when Venusaur went to grab Touko again, something cut the vine, preventing access. When they saw what it was, it was a Riolu. Riolu growled at Venusaur before using SKY UPPERCUT on Venusaur, and the Venusaur backed up, before using Leaf Blade, but Riolu dispersed of those with IRON TAIL, knocking the leaves away, all the while standing before Touko protectively. Touko returned her Pokemon, before looking at the Riolu. Suddenly Venusaur used RAZOR LEAF, and Touko placed her arms over Riolu, to try and protect it. Riolu gasped, but jumped upward, bringing Touko with him, and landed in a tree.

"Riolu, run!" Touko said to the young Pokemon, but Riolu shook his head as he growled at Venusaur.

"RIO!" Riolu said to her, and Touko sighed.

He told her to stay in the tree, and then he jumped down, and growled at Venusaur. Venusaur charged at him, and Riolu jumped out of the way, but that resulted in Venusaur ramming the tree. Riolu gasped as the tree broke, and began falling. Touko was about the scream, but Riolu caught her, and hide her in the branches on the trees. Riolu went back to fight the Venusaur, and soon enough, he won. When Riolu made the Venusaur retreat, Touko came out and ran toward him, and hugged him.

"Thank you!" Touko said, and then finally the guards came out, and Cheren ran toward them, after he had recovered.

Riolu began growling, thinking they were enemies, but when Touko shook her head, Riolu relaxed.

"Princess, are you okay?" one of the guards asked.

"Yes, thanks to this little guy." Touko said, and hugged Riolu again.

"RI! Rio, riolu, ri!" Riolu said, blushing, and Touko laughed.

"What'd he say?" Cheren asked.

"He said: 'HEY! I'm not little!', but he is." Touko said before patting Riolus' head, and Riolu blushed, but smiled. -Flashback end-

"After that, I asked if he wanted to be my Pokemon, and he agreed. I don't force Pokemon to be my Pokemon, I ask." Touko said with a smile, and N smiled.

"I'm glad to know a Pokemon, even toward a stranger, would protect someone. I mean, yeah my Pokemon do that for me, but that's because the know me." N said smiling.

"Now, about Eevee. She was the best one." Touko said smiling in joy at the memory.

-Flashback- Touko smiled as she sat in her room, reading a book to Riolu, Oshawott, and Dratini. She was about 9 year old now, and year after she got Riolu and Dratini. She suddenly heard a knock on her door, and Riolu went to open it, and he did before jumping back onto the bed, and Bianca came in with a smile.

"Hi, Bianca!" Touko said smiling, and Bianca came in.

"Lady Touko, I…" Bianca was interrupted by Touko.

"Don't call me Lady Touko, Bianca. You don't have to call me that. In your presence, I am not of royalty, but a best, childhood, friend." Touko said smiling at Bianca, and Bianca nodded.

"Well, Touko, the Queen has asked me to tell you to go to the nursery in the Castle, she has a surprise for you." Bianca said before leaving.

Touko thought for a second, before closing the book, and looking at her Pokemon.

"I'll finish the book later. In the meantime, let's go downstairs, and see what it is my mother has for us." Touko said, as she referred to the surprise's she was given to not only her, but her Pokemon also.

The Pokemon nodded before they left to room, and ran toward the nursery. When they got there, Cheren, Bianca, Catherine her mother, Professor Juniper, and Alder were there waiting for her.

"What is it?" Touko asked.

"We have a surprise for you, come over here." Alder said, and Touko walked toward them.

She had Oshawott in her arms; Riolu and Dratini were on her shoulder's.

"We've discussed it with each other for a while, before we decided that it would be best for you. And because you're a bit older, we thought maybe now was the time you toke on some more responsibility." Juniper said with a smile.

"What is it?" Touko asked.

"Take a look." Catherine said, and they moved away.

Touko gasped as did her Pokemon. There before her stood a brand new Eevee egg, with an Espeon right beside it. Espeon smiled as she moved away from the egg a bit, and Touko walked toward it, before lightly touching the egg, and smiling as tears of joy came to her eyes. Riolu smiled at seeing an egg for the first time, Dratini gave what sounded like a congrats to Espeon, and Oshawott smiled also.

"M-My very first egg." Touko said, smiling.

"The Espeon was one of my Pokemon. I didn't have her with me in battles because she was pregnant." Alder said and Touko looked at him.

"You mean, this egg belongs to you?" Touko asked, and Alder nodded before kissing her forehead like a father to a daughter.

"Yes, but I believe you should have it. After all, we've noticed how you always wanted an Eevee. We notice you watching the Eevee's in the garden play, and your eyes hold longing. We believe that you should not only have the egg, but you deserve it." Alder said rubbing her head gently, and Touko smiled.

"Thank you, Alder!" Touko said before letting Oshawott jump down from her arms so she could hug Alder.

Alder hugged back, before Touko smiled and turned toward the egg, Oshawott jumping back into her arms. -Flashback end-

"When did the egg hatch?" N asked.

"Hm? Eevee hatched about a year later, when I was 10." Touko stated.

"How old are you?" N asked suddenly.

"18, why?" Touko asked.

"Hn? Then my Eevee is two years older than your Eevee also." N stated.

"Two years older also?" Touko asked.

"Yeah, I am 20 after all." N said, and Touko gave a smile showing she understood.
Okay, because it was already so long, I had to cut it down a bit into parts. As we can see the Flashbacks are gonna be pretty long. Also, the reason it's called Our Pokemon, I mean do I have to explain. They're talking about their Pokemon and how they got them. My favorite is the Eevee obtainment. Yes, I know Alder didn't have an Espeon, but I wanted to make something that connected Alder to Touko in some way.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^

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