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Last Chapter:

"Thanks for keeping the room tidy Bianca." Touko said to Bianca.

"You're welcome Touko. After all, I am your maid." Bianca said as she bowed, and left.
Now: Touko smiled before her door closed, and once it did, her smiled faded, and she sighed as she opened her poke-balls to let her Pokemon out. Samurott, Absol, Dragonair, Lucario, Eevee, and Reshiram, which made Touko happy the room was big enough for him to lay down in. She had always wondered why the room was so big, and now she knew. It was for a big Pokemon, like Reshiram. Touko gave a small smile, and was about to change until she saw an Unfezant tap her window. She quickly went over to it, and let it in. It got on her desk, and Touko saw a note attached to its foot, and toke it off. The Unfezant stayed, and Touko then figured she would have to reply.

'To: Touko
From: N

Touko, I know we just meet, but do you think you'll be able to sneak out tonight to the secret place? Around midnight maybe? I wanna learn more about you.

N Harmonia.'

Touko giggled, before grabbing the ink, quill, and paper, bringing it over to the desk the Unfezant was on, and wrote back. She then attacked it to the Unfezants' foot, and kissed its head.

"Make sure it gets to N, okay?" Touko said with a soft smile, and the Unfezant nodded, before flying off.

Touko went to her shower to change into different clothes. A normal ranger outfit, and waited for midnight to arrive.

With N: N had left his window open for the Unfezant to come in, and when it did, he smiled, and toke the note from it as the Unfezant went to rest.

'To: N
From: Touko

Sure! I can never fully fall asleep anyways, and I can easily sneak out. I also wanna learn more about you. Hope to see you at midnight.

Touko White.'

N smiled to himself as he folded the note, and put it in the desk he was sitting at. His room was very similar to Toukos', except it was black and gold, not white. His bed was also black, with a railing around it for a red curtain to fall over it. His Pokemon were scattered around the bed.

Zoroark was gonna play as him, so he was already in the bed transformed as N. His Eevee was on the bed beside Zoroark, Liepard was beside the bed on the left side, Mightyena was on the right side, and Luxray was beside the door, acting as a guard as he always did. Zekrom was close to N, being ready to fly. N was dressed in normal ranger clothes also. N got up, stretched and went to the bed, in where Zoroark changed back to his normal self, and N smiled at him.

"When I leave Zoroark, change into me, okay buddy?" N asked his Zoroark, and Zoroark nodded.

Midnight: N was waiting for Touko to arrive, and she did shortly. She appeared with Reshiram and smiled at N, and his Zekrom. She quickly went to sit on the bench with N, and smiled at him.

"Hey N!" Touko said smiling, and he smiled back.

"Hey Touko!" N said giving her his boyish grin.

"To start off, I never did ask how you met your Pokemon." N stated, and Touko smiled.

"Well, I'll go in order, but first here's the order. It's: Samurott, Dragonair, Lucario, Eevee, Absol, and Reshiram. Well, you already know how I got Reshiram, but I'll tell you the others." Touko said as she thought.

"I got Samurott when he was an Oshawott, but I got him easily. There's a woman called Professor Juniper, and she's a close friend of my mother. She was gonna give me, and two other friends of mine a Pokemon for our birthday; I can't remember how old we were, but oh well. Anyways, since our Birthday was the same day, we all got ours on the exact same day. One was Oshawott, another was Tepig, and the last was Snivy. I chose Oshawott, while Bianca chose Tepig, and Cheren quickly chose Snivy. So, I've been with Samurott for a long time." Touko stated, and then thought about Dragonair.

"Dragonair was harder when I think about it. I had to look everywhere for a Dratini, and that's when I heard about a Shrine in a nearby village. Me, and my friends went there, but we didn't see anything." Touko said as she relayed the memory.

-Flashback- An 8 year old Touko, Cheren, and Bianca walked around with Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig, wondering where a Dratini was.

"I don't see anything, do you guys?" Touko asked her friends.

"I couldn't see anything even if I tried. The fog is so thick!" Cheren said annoyed.

"I'm scared!" Bianca said and hugged Cheren, making him blush.

"But we gotta find one. I heard Dratini's are really strong." Touko said as she tried to make the fog go away by waving her arms about.

"Touko, I think we're lost!" Bianca said as she could no longer see the entrance.

"There's no way, we've been walking in a straight line." Touko said as moved slowly through the fog.

Suddenly Toukos' leg hit something that made a splash, and she groaned.

"These were a new pair of shoes too." Touko said bringing her foot out of the water.

"Hey Touko, what's that?" Cheren said pointing forward where they saw a shadow of a figure.

"Looks like a Pokemon." Touko said as she tried to remember where she saw that shape before.

"Now where have I seen that shape before?" Touko asked herself as she watched it float around.

Suddenly the figure came toward them, and Cheren became protective.

"D-don't come closer!" Cheren said getting in front of Touko and Bianca.

The figure began to back up until it hit Touko.

"Cheren don't, that's a Dratini." Touko said going toward the water's edge.

"Come here little fella, I won't hurt you." Touko said with a smile.

The pokemon must've sensed her friendliness, because it came closer again, before coming out of the water. Touko smiled as she saw it was a Dratini, and patted the young Pokemons' head.

"I've always wanted to see one up close." Touko said with a smile. -Flashback end-

"It ended up following me, Cheren, and Bianca home after we left. It then became my Pokemon." Touko said smiling.

"I've never known a Pokemon to follow someone home. Well, except for one of my Pokemon. I think it was Liepard." N said and Touko smiled.
YAY! Chapter 7 is up. Also, just a big heads-up, this will be a very long chapter story. Anyways, I know this one ended kinda weird, but oh well. And who knew Touko was a rebel. It's forbidden in any country to sneak out a night, even if your a 18 year old. The next chapter is gonna have a lot more bold and italic's.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^

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