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Last Chapter:

"Hey Alder, I'm gonna go out for a bit, okay. Tell everyone not to worry." Touko said, and Alder nodded.

Before leaving, Touko got dressed, before coming back out to return all of her Pokemon except Reshiram, which she got on him, and he toke off. Alder went back inside to tell everyone that Touko was going out, but shouldn't worry.
Now: Somewhere else, N sighed as he looked at his Pokemon. Zekrom, Zoroark, Eevee, Mightyena, Luxray, and Liepard. N touched his cheek, but winced when he did. He said he was going out for a bit, and in doing so his father smacked him. That was the reason Pokemon were his main friend's, because humans were kinda cruel to him. Except Touya, who N smiled at the thought of him. Touya was like his brother, someone N knew he could trust, and of course N could trust others, but it was kinda hard to. N sighed when suddenly wings were heard, and he looked up. He saw a shadow land nearby, and heard what sounded like poke-balls opening. N became cautious, and woke Zoroark up, who looked at N, before he heard footsteps, and growled effectively waking the other Pokemon up.

"I wonder who it is." N said to himself as he put a hand on his sword.

Before long, a woman with long brown, wavy hair, light blue eyes, and wearing a white dress similar to Reshirams' tail appeared smiling. N gasped as he saw her come in with a Samurott, a Lucario, and an Eevee which jumped on her shoulder, an Absol, a Dragonair which was slithering beside her, and suddenly Reshiram, which he froze upon seeing.

"Milady Touko." Reshiram said, and Touko looked at him, seeing a protective glint in his eyes.

Touko looked forward before gasping at seeing the person in front of her. What was he doing in her secret place? Touko looked around and saw a Zoroark growling, a Liepard ready to pounce, a Mightyena growling also, a Eevee on the guys' lap, a Luxray having sparks coming from him, and finally Zekrom in which she gasped at seeing. They stared at each other, before they finally broke, realizing who the other was.

"You're…N…" Touko trailed off at seeing Zekrom, remembering the info she was given.

"And you're Touko." N said as he saw Reshiram, remembering the info he heard.

Suddenly Eevee jumped off her shoulder, and the Eevee the guy had jumped off his lap. The two walked toward each other, before smiling and nuzzling each other.

"Wha-WHAT?!" Both N and Touko shouted at seeing opposing country Pokemon get along.

Touko returned all her Pokemon except Reshiram and Eevee, and N returned all of his Pokemon except Zekrom, and his Eevee.

"Eevee, how… I mean how can…" Touko didn't know what to say as she saw Eevee look at her and smile, motioning toward the Eevee she just meet.

N slowly stood up before walking toward the two Eevee's and looking down at them, before looking at Touko. Touko looked at him also, and the two were soon locked in a gaze that neither could separate from. Ns' tea green eyes held Toukos' cerulean eyes in place, and vise-versa. The two soon smiled, before Touko reached out a hand to greet him.

"Let's put aside our countries." Touko said, and N smiled before shaking her hand.

Reshiram and Zekrom looked at each other, before staring at their trainer's, and snorting in disbelief.

"Did I see what I think I just saw?" Reshiram said to Zekrom.

"I think you saw what you think you just saw which is what I just saw." Zekrom said.

"But how do I know what you saw is what I think I just saw, which might not be what I think I just saw, in which you think you just saw what I might not have seen, and which I did see, in which I think I saw what we both saw, and…" Reshiram was cut off by a growl from Zekrom.

"Stop jumbling words together! It's confusing." Zekrom said.

"Then my plan worked." Reshiram said with a smirk.

"You and your stupid plans." Zekrom said glaring at Reshiram.

"Both of you stop it." Two voices said, and when Reshiram and Zekrom looked down, they saw N and Touko sitting on a bench together.

Then again, they were in a forest garden, between the Black Country and the White Country. It was hidden, which is why it was secret. Reshiram and Zekrom snorted before stopping, and lying down beside their respectful trainer.

"So, how did you get Zekrom?" Touko asked to start a conversation.

"Well, when we got word that you caught Reshiram, me and some of the army went toward a canyon not far from here. We found Zekrom…well…he found us I should say. He landed before us, and in order to obtain him, I had to prove my worth against him. Even the army men who came with me had to help, but I did the main portion of the fighting. After a while, I used my last ultra-ball, in which I was able to catch Zekrom with. Right now, we're just trying to get use to each other." N said with a smile.

"Really, wow. I thought Zekrom would do what Reshiram did with me." Touko said, a soft smile on her face.

"What do you mean?" N asked, confused.

"Well, when we went to get Reshiram, he felt…" Touko was interrupted by Reshiram.

"I felt a wave from her. The wave held a strong power, friendliness, and caring. Something I have never felt with someone else. The others had a wave that held hunger for power, fiendish, heartless, pain, or one of the 7 deadly sins. They were unable to prove their worth also, but with Touko, she needn't prove her worth, for I knew that if we battled, she would've won either way." Reshiram said with a fond smile toward her, and Touko smiled back.

N was shocked beyond reason. She had only recently caught him and already their bond was strong and immense. N smiled a smile of his own as he patted Zekroms' head, and Zekrom smiled at him. N and Touko continued to talk, telling the other about themselves, but once the sun began to set, Touko gasped, causing N to jump and look at her worried.

"What's wrong Touko?" N asked as Touko quickly stood up with her Eevee, and ordered Reshiram to stand.

"I have to get going back to the Castle. It's sunset!" Touko stated and when N saw the sky, it was sunset.

"I see. Wait, Touko!" N said and she looked at him as she got on Reshiram.

"Can we meet here again?" N asked as Zekrom and his Eevee stood.

"Yeah. Same place…same time?" Touko asked, and N thought.

"Maybe not the same time, but…I'll have an Unfezant come to your Castle, and give you a letter." N said.

"Alright, but make sure the Pokemon is careful." Touko said with a smile, and N nodded.

Touko flew off on Reshiram, and N sighed, before smiling to himself as he got on Zekrom with his own Eevee.

'I think I've just obtained another friend.' N thought happily as he flew off.

With Touko: Touko landed before the gates to the Castle, and was greeted with the face of a worried Alder in which she faced palmed.

'Think about time Touko! The sun is almost fully set!' Touko scolded herself in her head before getting off Reshiram, and Alder stormed toward her.

"Where were you?! Have you any idea how worried sick we were?!" Alder asked her worried, and Touko looked down before poking her fingers together.

"S-Sorry Alder. I di-didn't think about t-time." Touko said before lowering her head.

Alder sighed, before rubbing his head, and then he placed a hand on her head.

"I'm sorry. It's just…with the war and everything going on; I was worried you were hurt." Alder said and looked at her.

Touko looked back up at him, and he smiled before walking inside. Touko returned Eevee, and walked in with Reshiram. Touko was greeted by Biancas' smiling face, and they went to her room, but Touko had to return Reshiram for that. They walked into Toukos' room and Touko smiled. The room was nice and tidy. The bed was white, with a blue curtain over the bed, and the pillows were gold. The room it's self was gold and white, with one big window giving a lovely view of the City, and a door was across from the bed, her own shower place. A huge wardrobe was beside the window on the side closer to the door, and on the other side was a small desk. Beside the bed was another small desk, but this held a lantern, with a quill, ink, and paper.

"Thanks for keeping the room tidy Bianca." Touko said to Bianca.

"You're welcome Touko. After all, I am your maid." Bianca said as she bowed, and left.
I am on a roll! Yeah, JK. Just got on, anyways. As we can see Touko and N have finally meet and...WHAT'S THIS?! They're not trying to kill each other? Hm, let's see how long this secret relationship can last. o.O Crap, just spoiled a little bit of it.

Touko and N: "Good going klutz!"

Me: "Shut up!"

Anyways, hope ya like it. ^^

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