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Last Chapter:

"Damn. I know there's no way to get close to her. She has guards around her 24/7, and Alder is always by her side also." Touya said.

"Even a Pokemon is no match for Alder, or his Pokemon." N said and Touya nodded.

"Well then, we'll have to train to be stronger right?" Zekrom said, and N looked at him before smiling.

"Right!" N said smiling at Zekrom before rubbing his head.

Black Country: Zekrom landed in Black Country, for he had offered to fly them all back since they ran there. They all got off, and Touya spotted Ghetsis waiting for them.

"Lord Ghetsis." Touya said bowing as did the unit, and N walked to his father.

"You did well N." Ghetsis said rubbing his son's head.

N smiled before Zekrom walks over toward N, and nudges his back and N smiles again.

"Father, we were able to capture Zekrom. We had to prove our worth though." N said and Ghetsis smiled.

White Country: Skyla walked into the Throne room, and kneeled down before Catherine and Touko, who had Reshiram by her side.

"Your Majesty, and Princess Touko, we just received word from our spies in the Black Country." Skyla stated.

"What is it?" Catherine asked.

"We just got word that Prince N, of the Black Country has just captured Zekrom. We believe they will use him in the war." Skyla said.

"I see. This is a big problem." Catherine said.

"If they plan to use Zekrom, then we'll have to get Reshiram to battle with him right?" Cheren questioned.

Touko looked up into Reshirams' blue eyes, and he looked back at her, before giving a smile.

"I'll battle Zekrom, and anyone else to defend this Country. After all, I protected this Country in the past when my brother wanted nothing but blackness to envelope the continent." Reshiram stated.

"There you have it." Touko stated as she looked at Cheren.

"Alright. Bianca, we're gonna need you to train some recruits every now and then. We're gonna need more cleric's in the army." Cheren said to Bianca, and she nodded.

"Alright, I'll get ready at once." Bianca said as she left.

"Touko, we need to train." Alder said from beside the Queen.

"Alright. Reshiram, let's go." Touko said as she stood, and left with Alder and Reshiram.

"They've been spending more time together Majesty." Skyla stated, and Catherine nodded.

"Because Alder is like the father Touko was unable to meet. He left for the war after I had her." Catherine said as she looked at her fingers, only to see a golden ring on her left ring finger.

"I miss him." Catherine said as she sighed, and dismissed Skyla.

With Touko: Touko grunted as she knocked the sword away from her. She was wearing a silver robe with red flames trimming the opening of it. She wore black leather under her outfit for easier movement. She was training with a mages staff at the moment, for she was in training for every weapon, by order of Alder, and she did it willingly. Alder swung his sword at her again, but she jumped back, before ordering Reshiram to use Fusion Flare. Alder ordered his Druddigon to use Outrage.

"Reshiram dodge it, and then use Dragon Pulse!" Touko shouted as she charged at Alder, and used fire against him.

Alder blocked with his sword, before looking at his dragon, only to see his Druddigon faint. Alder gasped as Touko smiled before having him back off. Alder sent out Volcarona, and Touko sent out Samurott. Before Alder could recall Volcarona, Touko had Samurott use Hydro Pump, and it hit Volcarona, making him faint. Alder gasped, before looking at Touko to see her use her own water attack, and Alder dodged it, before Touko sent boulder's flying at him. Alder sent out Escavalier, who toke the attack. Touko sent out Victini, who used Fire Blast on Escavalier, but it wasn't down yet, and then Touko had Reshiram use Fusion Flare. Alder sighed as he sent out Bouffalant, and Touko sent out Lucario. Alder had Bouffalant use Megahorn, and Touko had Lucario use Aura Sphere. Both attacks hit, causing an explosion.

"Lucario, try to focus on Bouffalants' step's so you can use Close Combat!" Touko said as she searched for Alder before she found him, and charged at him.

Lucario was able to detect Bouffalant, but noticed Touko would get hurt, so he called out to her.

"TOUKO!" Lucario shouted, but it was too late.

Touko jumped at Alder ready to use her staff against him again, but then Bouffalant ran out of the dust subsiding, and hit Touko, knocking her back. Touko grunted as she hit the ground, before getting on her knees, but she suddenly bent over again, and coughed up some blood. Alder panicked as did the Pokemon as they all rushed to her side.

"Touko, are you okay? I'm sorry, I should've held back a bit." Alder said, but Touko only smiled at him as she wiped the blood away.

"It's okay. I'll be fine. The ramming only hurt me bad, and the coughing up blood is common for me. I've coughed up blood before, remember the battle between me and Cheren?" Touko questioned.

"Yeah, but that was because he accidently stabbed you when you didn't block. The hit must've caused a relapse of that, causing your body to think you got hurt bad enough." Alder said as he patted her back, and she smiled at him.

Alder smiled before helping her up. Touko smiled her gratefulness, before her Pokemon nuzzled her. Touko decided to let her last three pokemon out. Her Absol, her Dragonair, and her Eevee who smiled at her, happy to see her well.

"I'm just now noticing this but, how are you and your Pokemon so well bonded?" Alder asked.

"Well, that's something I'm asked a lot. Me, Samurott, Dragonair, and Lucario have been together since I was young. Of course Samurott was Oshawott, Dragonair was Dratini, and Lucario was Riolu, when I was a kid, but we've been together since then. Eevee hasn't evolved yet, because she's always rejecting the stones I give her. I caught Absol when I was about 13, and Reshiram was just recent, but we've created a good bond already." Touko stated and Alder smiled as Absol came over to her, and rubbed against her leg, being careful of his blade.

"Hey Alder, I'm gonna go out for a bit, okay. Tell everyone not to worry." Touko said, and Alder nodded.

Before leaving, Touko got dressed, before coming back out to return all of her Pokemon except Reshiram, which she got on him, and he toke off. Alder went back inside to tell everyone that Touko was going out, but shouldn't worry.
Okay, chapter 5...and I have no idea what it should be titled as, anyone? ...Okay, well anyways, as we can see N has finally caught Zekrom, and for once, Ghetsis approves of this...on his own free will I swear.

*Yelling is heard in the background.* ...Um, okay well anyways, hope you liked this chapter. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take care of some business so...see ya soon.

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