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Last Chapter:

"And Elesa, what about her?" N asked.

"She's gonna stay here and protect Lord Ghetsis. Who knows if there are spies here who will try to harm Ghetsis while most of the army is gone." Touya said as they entered the training ground.

"Well N, let's begin." Touya stated and N nodded as he pulled out his sword, and Touya pulled his out.

White Country: Touko sighed as her, the blonde girl, and the black haired boy walked toward a well-known café. A man with blue hair covering one of his eyes turned around, and smiled.

"Why if it isn't Touko, Bianca, and Cheren. How are you all today?" The guy asked.

"We're great Cress. Just decided to drop by and get something to eat and drink before heading out to catch another Pokemon." The black haired man, Cheren, said smiling as him, the blonde girl Bianca, and Touko sat down.

Suddenly a red haired man came over with a green haired man.

"Hey Touko, Bianca, and Cheren!" the green haired man said.

"Hey Cilan." Bianca said with a sweet smile.

"Hey guys, how are ya?" The red haired man asked.

"We're wonderful Chili." Touko said smiling a gentle smile that caused the three boys to blush.

"A-Anyways. The usual I'm guessing?" Cress asked as he brought his notepad out.

"Yep!" the three chorused, and Cress nodded before leaving.

"So Touko, how do you feel about catching Reshiram?" Bianca asked and Touko gave her a smile.

"I'm so excited. This will be the first Legendary Pokemon I've ever seen." Touko said smiling.

"Well, thanks to the info from Juniper, we got a pretty good guess on how hard this Pokemon is gonna be." Cheren said as he looked at Serperior, who hissed in excitement.

"We should be able to get him, right Emboar?" Bianca said as she looked at the flaming pig, who nodded.

"Yeah, we'll win won't we Samurott?" Touko asked Samurott and Samurott nodded.

"Here you guys go." Cress said as he arrived, and gave them their rightful drinks, and food.

"That didn't take long." Touko said and Cress chuckled.

"Well, when it comes to you guys, the chief's already know what you want, and fix it to the best of their ability." Cress said, and then bowed as other customer's came in, and he left to attend to them.

Later: Touko strapped the silver sword to her waist, before making sure it was secure. Cheren came up beside her with Bianca.

"Ready to go? The rest of the unit will be here shortly, and once they arrive we leave." Cheren said.

"Is Skyla coming?" Touko asked.

"No, she'll stay here to protect the Queen. We can't risk getting the Queen hurt." Cheren said as he made sure they had what they needed.

"What about Burgh, will he come along since he knows about Reshiram?" Touko asked.

"No, he said he's gonna stay here." Bianca said.

"Figures. He'll stay anywhere as long as he's away from any dirty place." Touko said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Well…what about the white haired man, Drayden, or the purple haired girl Iris?" Touko asked.

"The others have to stay here to guard the castle. That includes Caitlin for negotiations, and Alder the red head for getting more stuff ready for your training." Cheren said as he tightened the straps a bit more on Rapidash.

Suddenly the rest of Cherens' personal unit appeared and he smiled. He looked at Touko who nodded, got on Rapidash, and they left. The unit surrounding Touko to keep her safe, and Cheren in front, Bianca walking beside Rapidash.

Later: They soon stopped before a cave, and Cheren looked at the map he was given before smiling.

"Alright men, this is the place!" Cheren said as he put the map up, and brought his sword out as the others readied their spears.

Bianca brought out her staff, being ready to heal anyone, and Touko brought out her sword. Suddenly they heard a roar, and flames burst out the entrance, and everyone ducked as Touko forced Rapidash to dodge the flame. Rapidash regained himself, and snorted and hoofed the ground ready for another attack. Touko patted his neck, before she got off.

"Stand down! Let me handle this!" Touko ordered, and Cheren growled as he lowered his sword, and the others lowered their spears.

Suddenly a huge white dragon appeared, and roared, his blue eyes burning in anger.

"Reshiram…" Touko trailed off as she walked toward him, putting her sword away.

"Touko! Be careful!" Cheren shouted.

Reshiram glared at her and growled, but Touko didn't back down, and held a hand out to him, Reshiram stared at her in wonder. Was this human girl asking to be his friend? He suddenly felt a strong, friendly, powerful wave come from her, and his blue eyes softened. He reached his snout out the touch her palm and gave a gentle, friendly growl as he nuzzled her hand, and Touko smiled as she rubbed. Cheren was left speechless and Bianca began to giggle as the unit put their weapons away, wondering what just happened.

"And here I was thinking we would have to fight you to capture you." Cheren said as he put his sword away, and Bianca put her staff away.

"Well…Reshiram says that usually, he would have the person prove their worth, but because he can feel my waves, he says I needn't prove my worth." Touko said as she kissed his snout.

Cheren sighed as he called the unit to bring Rapidash over, and they did. Once Rapidash was beside Touko, Touko reached in to grab a poke-ball, and pulled out the luxury ball. A newly developed poke-ball and it was given to Touko to make Reshiram comfortable. Touko held it toward Reshiram and Reshiram smiled before pressing the button to enlarge it, and pressed it again to bring him in. Touko smiled before letting Reshiram out so she could bond with him.

"I already trust you enough to fly on you, if you want to." Touko stated, and Reshiram smiled as he lowered his neck.

"Touko, are you sure this is safe?" Cheren asked, protecting her like his little sister.

"Yeah, because the first step to friendship is trust. Right, Reshiram?" Touko asked Reshiram to make sure she was correct, and Reshiram nodded.

"Okay, just be careful. Geez, you're still as reckless as ever." Cheren teased, and Touko glared at him.

Cheren only shook his head and got Bianca on Rapidash and they headed back toward White Country.
Whoo-hoo! Chapter 3 is up! Anyways, as we can see Cress, Chili, and Cilan blush whenever Touko is around because she's a sweet and awesome girl! Anyways, as we can see they usually go to the cafe for something to eat and drink. We can also see that Touko and Reshiram already trust one another. ^^

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^

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