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Last Chapter:

"What?" Catherine and Ghetsis asked.

"We're gonna have to build another Kingdom." Alder said, and Catherine giggled while Ghetsis groaned.

"Well, once the cheering is over with, we can get started. Right now, I am making sure my daughter is fully alright." Catherine said walking toward N and Touko, leaving Ghetsis and Alder who sighed.

"She's just being protective." Alder said with a shake of his head.

"Natural mother instinct Alder, natural mother instinct." Ghetsis said with a sigh.

Now: It's been 8 year since the last battle, since the Alliance, since the love started, and everything else. Touko, now at the age of 26 smiled at her Kingdom. Her and N had gotten married right after it was made, and were proclaimed King and Queen. They had the Kingdom between the White Country and the Black Country. Both Kingdoms were about a day's trip away, but people visited regularly. Especially Alder, Catherine, and Ghetsis. Cheren, Bianca, and Touya had moved into the Kingdom. They were official Leaders in the arm, and Bianca was still a maid and healer, but she had gotten more recruits, and was quiet busy. Not only that, she was 8 months pregnant with a baby boy. Cheren was a proud father, and Touya was a god father, while Touko and N were apparently called the Grandparents of the child.

Reshiram and Zekrom had finally calmed Kyurem enough to where he listened to others. Kyurem though only obeyed one fully, and that was Ns' and Toukos' son Sora. He had brown hair like Touko, but his emerald eyes resembled his father, and not only that, he was just as stubborn as N, which Touko found amusing. He was 6 years old, and Kyurem was his starter as he called it. Kyurem loved the little guy, even though he got quiet annoying. Touko watched with a smile on her face as Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom played with Sora. Sora was also given Glaceons' and Leafeons' egg as a present. He would be turning 7 in a month, so it was his present. Suddenly arms wrapped around Touko, and when she looked up, bright blue eyes meet emerald green eyes.

"Hey N." Touko said giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey Touko." N said and Glaceon smiled at N from Toukos' lap.

"Gla!" (Hi!) Glaceon said and N smiled back at her.

"Hey Glaceon." N said rubbing her head.

Leafeon came over, and Glaceon jumped down from Toukos' lap to follow him. Touko smiled and allowed the rest of her Pokemon out as did N. Touko still had Dragonair, Absol, Samurott, and Lucario as well as Glaceon and Reshiram. Dragonair hadn't evolved because she didn't want to. She had a necklace around her neck with an Ever-stone attached to it, and she wrapped herself around the chair and went to sleep. Samurott only shook his head before laying down also. Absol and Lucario went to play with Sora in the meantime. N also still had his Pokemon: Zoroark, Mightyena, Luxray, and Liepard, even Zekrom and Leafeon. Luxray and Liepard went to play with Sora also while Mightyena yawned and laid down, and Zoroark chuckled sitting down beside N.

"Everything is perfect." N said wrapping an arm around Touko.

"You got that right." Touko said, rubbing her belly which held their daughter.

She was 7 months pregnant with the girl, who they decided to call Lillie.

"Cheren said Bianca is due next month." N said as he kissed her cheek.

"I plan on being there." Touko said with a sigh.

"Has Touya found someone?" N asked.

"Not yet. He's still looking, but I'm sure he'll find someone soon." Touko said smiling at N.

"Let's hope so." N said and kissed her forehead.

"Well, I'm gonna go down and play with Sora. Wanna come?" N asked, and Touko nodded.

"You bet." Touko said getting up.

Upon getting to the bottom, they saw Reshiram and Zekrom chuckling at Sora who was sitting on top of Kyurem like he had taken him down.

"I win!" Sora said smiling.

Touko giggled at him while N chuckled. Liepard and Luxray cheered with Absol and Lucario. Samurott stood beside Touko chuckling and Dragonair gave a giggle, while Zoroark gave a type of chuckle, and Mightyena stretched, but the smirk on his face showed he was quiet amused. Leafeon and Glaceon came running over toward Sora, and jumped on Kyurem also, and stood beside Sora as if they helped Sora win. Sora saw his mom and dad, smiled, got off Kyurem who raised himself smirking, and ran toward them.

"Hey mom, hey dad." Sora said, and N picked him up.

"Hey boy, how are you?" N asked.

"Great. Kyurem is really fun to play with." Sora said smiling at him, and Kyurem smiled back.

"Have you finally calmed down Kyurem?" Touko asked Kyurem who nodded.

"Yes, and I am still sorry about what I did, but I am glad that you showed me the truth about humans." Kyurem said nuzzling Toukos' stomach making her giggle.

"Glad to hear that. Go on Sora, play a bit more." N said and he nodded, running over to Kyurem again.

Reshiram and Zekrom came over and stood beside N and Touko, and they smiled at each other. Reshiram bent down to Touko nuzzling her, and Zekrom ruffled Ns' hair more. Touko and N smiled then smiled at Sora as he played. Yep, things couldn't get any better than they were. The countries had stopped fighting, they joined, Cheren and Bianca had a baby on the way, Touya was close to finding a woman, and Touko and N already had a small family going. The people were prosperous and happy, and lived a good and wonderful life. Soon Cheren, Bianca, and Touya appeared smiling to N and Touko. N and Touko smiled at them also, as they all gathered around and talked about what's been going on. Things were sweet, and nothing could get better than this.

This was a Lovely Future.
Alright guys, this is the Final Chapter. Now there will be two separate Chapters from this story that I did not put in because I saw no need for them, but I will post them.

One: How N and Ghetsis found Touya.
Two: Ns' and Toukos' first time.

I don't really need to explain the second one. Anyways, this chapter was really short, but I had fun writing this series, it was so much fun. Also, their will be another long chapter story coming out soon, and it's about Calie being in Unova with Touko, Bianca, Cheren, Touya and N.

Anyways, I hope ya'll liked this chapter and the story. ^^ Tell me what you think.

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wow amazing so deep
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Definetly one of my favorite FerrisWheelShipping stories, EVER!!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!
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