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Last Chapter:

"Juniper, and Mr. Juniper, it's good to see you." Catherine said.

"Also, thank you for saving mother." Touko said as she got up from her crouching position.

"And it's good to see you also Touko. Are you and Samurott getting along?" Juniper asked, and Touko nodded.

"Well, now that you're here, tell us what you know Juniper." Catherine said as she went to sit down again, with Touko.

Black Country: Over on the other side, away from White Country, in a city with tall black building, the Shadow Triad made their way quickly to a big black castle. The doors opened, and they saw a boy with short brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing black armor. He crossed his arms, and Elesa, along with the Shadow Triad kneeled before him, before they stood.

"Is Lord Ghetsis and Lord N in the throne room?" Elesa asked, and the boy nodded.

"Yes Elesa, what's the message though? Did you kill the Queen?" The boy asked.

"Sadly Commander Touya, we didn't. She was able to sense us, and dodged our attack. Though I did get some useful info." Elesa said, and the boy, Touya, looked at her curiously.

"Useful info?" Touya asked.

"I will explain everything in the throne room. Gather everyone please." Elesa said, and Touya nodded.

"Stoutland, rally everyone." Touya said as Stoutland left, while Touya followed Elesa to the throne room.

Later, in the throne room: Unlike White Country's throne room, the room wasn't sparkling, but it was pure black, with a dark red carpet instead of a bright one. At the end stood one black throne chair, and a smaller black throne chair. In the taller one sat a man with a black robe on, with a crown atop his head, and his hands were folded in the robe. He had tea green hair, red eyes, and he looked to be about 40, maybe late 30s. Hair was left at his sides which went upward, and he had a strand on top of his head that stood up, but was slightly curled, but he had long hair that went straight down.
In the smaller chair was a boy who was about 20 years old, 2 years older than Touko. He had tea green hair that was in a low ponytail that was unruly, and his tea green eyes looked bored as everyone gathered into the room. He was wearing a suit that was similar to Zekroms', considering he was the Prince, and Zekrom had once protected the Black Country.
On the right side of the throne room, was a man that was chubby. He had buffy brown hair that was being kept down with a black helmet. He was wearing black armor at the moment. He was under the Command of Touya, who stood beside him. Though the man had his own unit, under Touyas' Command.
On the other side of Touya was a man with light blue hair that went to his shoulder, and the top was pulled into a small bun. He was wearing a black monk's robe that showed one side of his shoulders. His dark blue eyes watched as The Shadow Triad walked in with Elesa.
Two women stood side-by-side, which looked very similar, for they were both wearing a glittering black dress. The only difference was their hair. The one closer to The King had Yellow hair that was in a braid that went to her waist, before it was tied to keep it as a braid, and the other had long pink hair that went to the waist, and the side strands curled slightly upwards, but not too much. They're eye color was the same as their hair color.
On the left side of the throne room was a women with dark skin, dark teal eyes, and bushy teal hair. She was wearing a dark red leather shirt, leather black pants, and she had a staff strapped to her back, obviously for protection. She also had a brown cape over her shoulders, a sign she worked in a research center.
Beside her was another dark skinned man, who had blonde hair, but the top was only blonde, the rest was black. He wore fingerless gloves, and he wore baggy black clothes that looked like a robe, his dark brown eyes glared at Elesa as she smirked cockily at him, before her and the Shadow Triad kneeled before the king and Prince. A spot was empty beside him, and there was no other after him, which showed that was a spot for Elesa.

"What's the news Elesa? Did you kill the Queen?" The older man with tea green hair asked.

"Lord Ghetsis, I am sorry to say that I did not kill the Queen, but I obtained some useful information that everyone would love to hear." Elesa said as she stood.

"And what is this news?" The King, Ghetsis asked.

"There is a Pokemon that can help us bring down the White Country." Elesa said, and Ghetsis sat straight.

"Go on." He said.

"Sir, the Pokemon is a Legendary called Zekrom. Him, along with a Pokemon called Reshiram, who is also a legendary, helped create this continent. The White Country plans on capturing them both to stop us, but if we can capture both, or even one of them, will stop their plans on whipping us out." Elesa said, determination set in her eyes.

"Is there more?" Ghetsis asked, and Elesa nodded.

"Yes. Zekrom is a thunder dragon, while Reshiram is a fire dragon. I also overheard that Zekrom is physically stronger than Zekrom, but when it comes to special attack, Reshiram is stronger. That is all I heard before we attacked the Queen and failed." Elesa said as she bowed.

"Father, I would like it if we were to capture Zekrom. I remember a story that said Zekrom protected Black Country against Reshiram in the past." The Prince said.

"Prince N let Lord Ghetsis give the orders." The dark skinned man said, but Ghetsis waved his hand.

"I agree with my son. We should capture Zekrom, and if Reshiram hasn't been caught yet, we'll go after Reshiram." Ghetsis said.

"Sir!" Everyone said and bowed.

"Alright, dismissed! We go out tomorrow!" Ghetsis said and everyone nodded as they left.

Touya walked toward N, and they left together.

"So, Marshall will still stay to interrogate the suspects." N said as he referred to the dark skinned man who was going toward the dungeons.

"He has no choice. None is as successful as him." Touya said as they continued toward the training grounds.

"What about Brycen, and Clay?" N asked, thinking they'll have to stay also.

"They'll do the training they can until we leave tomorrow." Touya said as he pointed to the blue haired guy.

"Brycen still has to finish training some of the pokemon." Touya said before he pointed toward the brown haired guy.

"And Clay still has yet to finish the training with swords of Team Plasma." Touya stated before they entered the training grounds.

"What about Lenora?" N asked.

"She'll also stay. After all, she got some new fossils, so she's gonna stay and try to extract the data from the fossil's to get us new Pokemon." Touya said as they watched the teal haired lady go toward the one of the biggest room's in the castle.

"And Elesa, what about her?" N asked.

"She's gonna stay here and protect Lord Ghetsis. Who knows if there are spies here who will try to harm Ghetsis while most of the army is gone." Touya said as they entered the training ground.

"Well N, let's begin." Touya stated and N nodded as he pulled out his sword, and Touya pulled his out.
YAY! Two Chapters in one day, I am so happy!^^ Anyways, I'm trying to get as many chapters in today as I can. So sorry if I don't reply to the messages right away. ^^; Anyways, as we can see we finally get to meet N and his father, along with his country and army.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it.

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Ooooh, I like how this builds up:nod:
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