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A girl with long brown, wavy hair in a ponytail was walking through the halls of the castle. They just receive word about a Legendary White Dragon Pokemon, by the name of Reshiram, and a Legendary Black Dragon Pokemon, by the name of Zekrom. Thanks to a man called Burgh, they got word of these two different Dragon Pokemon. The girl sighed as she stopped before a window and looked out of it. She was wearing a white dress, with long white gloves that went from her elbow down. The top half of her dress plain, except for the feather's that went from the hip, over her bust, kinda like the stomach of the Pokemon called Reshiram. The bottom half of her dress was like Reshirams' tail, and the reason her dress was shaped like this was because she was to become the trainer of Reshiram, if they could find him. Suddenly, a woman similar to the girl walked toward her.

"Touko, come with me my daughter." The woman, obviously the queen said, and Touko nodded as she bowed.

"Yes mother." Touko said as she followed her mother to the throne room.

Upon entering the throne room, Touko saw her friends that she knew all too well. One was a girl with blonde hair, and green eyes. The girl was also wearing a light blue and white dress. The dress was blue, and flowed to the floor, where it faded into white, and she wore blue shoes.
The man next to her was wearing silver armor, similar to the neck plates on Reshirams' neck. He had black hair with glasses to help his sight better. He was laying his arm on his sword, while his left arm was wrapped around the blonde haired girls' waist. His gloves were off so you could clearly see the gold ring on his left hand as the same with the blonde girl.
The man next to him had red and orange hair that was spiked upward. He was wearing a traveling robe that looked brand new, and his brown eyes were set on Touko in admiration. Ever since coming to White Country, he had been training Touko, and the two admired each other for their determination.
The girl next to him had red hair pulled up in a bun, with side strands going to her chest, with dark blue eyes. She was wearing a tight, black leather outfit for easy movement. After all, she was an assassin, Touko shouldn't expect less.
On the other side of the room was the painter Burgh. He had puffy brown hair, green eyes, and the leather outfit he wore that was brown made his skin seem more pale than it actually was.
Beside him was a women who looked to be in her early 30s. She had long blonde hair to her knees where it waved out, green eyes, and she was wearing a sparkling silver gown. None would know it by looking at her, but she was the negotiator of White Country, and she was harsh doing it, which is why she was so successful. She also resembled to be the younger blondes mother, but everyone in the castle and in the village knew she wasn't.
Beside her was a much older man who Touko knew very well also. He had white hair, with a pointy white beard. He also had white eyes, but he saw very well, for many mistaken him for being blind. He was wearing White and gold armor, and he was under the command of the leader, who was the black haired man.
Beside him was a younger girl with dark skin. She had purple hair the flowed down to her waist, but she had two smaller ponytails at the top of her head, with purple eyes. Her and Touko had spent many times training together. The girl was wearing a leather top that was purple, and outlined in gold, but it wasn't too heavy, and she also wore a leather skirt that was purple and outlined in gold. She also wore purple shoes.
Touko stopped before her mother as her mother sat down in the throne chair, and she went to sit beside her mother.

"As you all know, we are to capture this new Pokemon called Reshiram! Burgh has all the info, and the Researcher Juniper, and her father will be here shortly to fill in the gaps. Burgh, can you tell was what you know?" The Queen asked.

"Yes. Ahem! Reshiram is the white Dragon Pokemon, brother of the black Pokemon Zekrom. While Reshiram knows Fire, Zekrom knows Thunder. I don't have all the info on Reshiram, as I've only seen him when he's slept, but when I tried to capture him with the new Poke-ball's we've invented, even the Ultra ball was unable to capture him. He just smacked it back at me, and flew off. I know you've all already seen Reshiram and Zekrom, but I have more information about Zekrom than I do Reshiram." Burgh said, and the Queen sighed.

"Tell us info about him then, until Juniper and her father get here." The Queen stated.

"Yes Milady Catherine. As I had said earlier, Zekrom knows thunder, and is the black brother to the white one Reshiram. Zekrom, along with Reshiram created our region as people know, but Zekrom is much more known than any other Pokemon. People here in the White Country believe that Zekroms' red eyes can kill a person on sight. It's also said that Zekroms' black skin is a sign of death. Also, if Zekrom and Reshiram where to go into a battle of Physical Strength, Reshiram would lose…" The Queen, who Burgh had called Catherine, stood up abruptly.

"Then what's the point of capturing Reshiram if Zekrom is stronger?!" Catherine shouted in anger.

"I said Physical Strength Milady, but I didn't say anything about Special Power." Burgh said and Catherine sat back down.

"But, if it were a battle of Special Power, Reshiram would obviously win. No one knows why, but that's just how it's been. I don't know much more than that but…" Burgh was cut off by fast footsteps, and then a women appeared who gasped.

"Milady, above you!" the women shouted.

Catherine jumped forward, bringing her daughter with her as a dagger stabbed right where the Queen, Catherine was. When they all looked, they saw a women with blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a tight black leather outfit with a blue lighting symbol on her right arm. The outfit covered all of her body except the neck, and face. Her blue eyes glared at the red head, and whispered Skyla, and the red head Skyla, glared back as she walked forward to protect the Royal Family.

"Well, now that we know what you're planning, I'll be taking my leave." Elesa said as she stood, and three other, white haired ninja's appeared.

"Shadow Triad, Black Fog!" Elesa said.

The Shadow Triad slammed the black fog down, causing the room to go black. Everyone coughed until the fog was gone, and when it was, Elesa, and the Shadow Triad as she called it, was gone.

"They're gone." Catherine said shocked.

"Thank goodness we got to you in time Milady. We saw some suspicious people running on the tops of people's houses on our way here, and ran to warn you." The lady who shouted said.

She had light brown hair, light brown eyes, and was wearing long leather pants that were brown, and she was also wearing a leather shirt, along with a long white coat made of wool. An older man was beside her, obviously her father, for he looked very similar to her.

"Juniper, and Mr. Juniper, it's good to see you." Catherine said.

"Also, thank you for saving mother." Touko said as she got up from her crouching position.

"And it's good to see you also Touko. Are you and Samurott getting along?" Juniper asked, and Touko nodded.

"Well, now that you're here, tell us what you know Juniper." Catherine said as she went to sit down again, with Touko.
Okay, so here it is everyone. The story you've all been waiting for. Pokemon: Rise of the Grey Country! Chapter 1!

To me, it kinda feels like this is a very short beginning chapter. Anyways, if anyone wonder's what they look like, Here:


That's what they look like. Anyways, hope ya'll like it.

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Love it=D
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