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February 20, 2013
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"Now I will rule all of Equestria!" Maria65 shouted to everypony as lighting struck.

"No, you can't! You can't do this to me, to us!" A bloodied, scared Maria said sniffling.
"If we are to defeat Maria65, we need Maria." Breeze stated.

"But where is she?" Raiden asked, worried.
"Twilight, what're you all doing here?" Celestia asked weakly from behind the bars.

"We came to save you. Hold on. Nova, break it!" Twilight ordered.

"Right!" Nova said backing up.
"Maria! You're alright?!" Buttons said trotting up to her.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Maria said fearfully.

"Maria? What happened to you?" Snackpack asked.
"If only we can save the Princesses and Discord." Twilight said as maria looked at her.

"We can, and we did, but while Celestia recovers, she gave me a job. It's time Twilight." Maria said walking toward her.

"Time? Time for what?" Twilight questioned.
"I see you still alive." Maria65 said with a glare.

"Let them all go Maria65! They don't deserve this!" Maria shouted, the Rebel Ponies behind her.

"Why should I?" Maria65 questioned with a growl.
"She won't make it!" Raiden shouted as Maria got hit by magic.

"NO! MARIA!" Twilight shouted.

"You can't die! Keep going!" Fluttershy shouted as Maria suddenly became engulfed by black magic hitting her.
Okay, so these are a few snippets of the story, just as a teaser. When Twilight says: "If only we can save the Princesses and Discord." She wants them to be alright. Celestia, and Luna have lost most of their power during their stay in the dungeon, and Discord has been turned back to stone, but they all hurt as Maria65 defeated them with ease. She has the power to destroy the world, so it would be no surprise.

Anyways, I won't spoil anymore of the story, but it will take time to get to it as I have yet to finish the other stories I have started.
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Soniccoopercreater Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh boy=D
ThatCrazyVocataku Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't wait!!!
Yeah, it's gonna be epic.
Cryshann Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Have to read later Homework is killing me :nuus:
Read it when you can. ^^
Cryshann Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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