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There was a lot of chatter in the halls as everyone talked about the new student. Haruhi ignored them though as she headed the the music room. As the only girl pretending to be a boy, she had to be earlier and clean herself up to look impressive for the others. She also wondered what they would be cosplaying as today. When Haruhi walked in, she was surprised to see that neither Hikaru or Kaoru were there yet. She looked around expecting that they were hiding, but noticed she couldn't feel or see them nearby.

"Senpai! Are Hikaru and Kaoru late?" Haruhi asked Tamaki who looked at her and shrugged.

"Don't know. I heard they were helping someone out." Tamaki responded before smothering Haruhi in a hug.

"It's good to know that you worry for your brothers so much!" Tamaki said, and Haruhi got out of his grip.

"Senpai!" Haruhi scolded, but sighed, no use getting him depressed.

Suddenly the doors opened, and Hikaru with Kaoru were standing they with a girl.

"Sorry we're late. We were helping the new student around." Hikaru responded and the girl looked around.

"Whoa, nice." The girl said smiling.

She had long brown hair the same shade as Haruhi, and her eyes were the exact same as Haruhis' as well. The only difference was that she was a bit paler, and a lot more lady like.

"We figured you'd like the Host Club. Will you come today? Later on, all the girls will be here, and during that time we can tell you what we do." Kaoru explained, and Lillie nodded before looking ahead, and gasping.

Haruhi turned around with extreme shock and surprise all over her face. Haruhi and Lillie stared at each other for a long time, confusing the Host Club.

"Do you know Haruhi, Lillie? He's new." Hikaru explained, keeping the secret safe.

"H-Haruhi..." Lillies' eyes stared to tear up again.

"Lillie...yeah, it's me." Haruhi said smiling.

Lillie ran at Haruhi and hugged her, nearly knocking Haruhi over. Haruhi stumbled trying to regain her balance but achieved it, and hugged back, nearly crying as well. The Host stared in shock as they saw this take place. Lillie began crying, and Haruhi soothed her.

"Hey, I'm right here. I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere, so why are you crying?" Haruhi calmed, and pulled away to look at Lillie.

"I'm gonna cry because I haven't seen you for over 7 years." Lillie said, and looked at Haruhi.

"Haruhi, you know her?" Tamaki questioned as Hunny and Mori walked in, Hikaru and Kaoru came in fully.

"Yeah. She's my childhood friend. I haven't seen her for over 7 years." Haruhi said and smiled at Lillie.

Lillie smiled back, and then noticed something.

"You know Haruhi, being the boy you are, it's about time you finally started to wear male clothes." Lillie said, and everyone went silent.

"Lillie, for the last time, I told you! I'm a girl." Haruhi stated, but Lillie gave her a 'yeah right' look.

"Seriously! You've seen my card. It's says girl." Haruhi stated, but Lillie shook her head, and pointed a finger at Haruhi.

"No, your a guy. Boy, boy, boy, and you can't convince me otherwise!" Lillie stated, and Haruhi held a hand to her head.

"Lillie my dear, can you please excuse us?" Tamaki said bowing, and Lillie crossed her arms.

"You can't swoon me, but whatever." Lillie said, and Tamaki would've mopped, but he needed to know what was up with Lillie.

"Haruhi, what's up with Lillie-chan?" Hunny asked.

"Well, back when me and Lillie were kids, we played a lot. She actually knew I was a girl, but...she got hit by a car, and was put into a coma for some time. When she awoke, she was still the same girl I knew, except...she's dead set on believing I'm a guy. Back at my old school, she thought I was a cross-dresser. She had to move because of the damage to her brain. I guess she came back to finish school were she began." Haruhi said and looked at Lillie with sad eyes.

Back when they were kids, Lillie was hit really bad by a car, sending her into a coma. But upon finally awaking, she believe Haruhi was a guy. The Host felt sympathy for her, knowing what the girl went through. They couldn't do anything as Kyoya looked at the time.

"We better get ready. The girls will be flocking in soon." Kyoya stated, and they all nodded.

"Lillie." Haruhi said and walked toward her.

"Stay by me today, alright? You can see what we do while at the Host Club." Haruhi said and Lillie smiled.

"Sure!" Lillie said excitedly.

Soon the Host was in full swing, and Lillie wondered if she would be completely calm. The girls loved Haruhi, and Lillie didn't like it. Lillie clung to Haruhi suddenly, and Haruhi looked at her.

"Hm? Haruhi, does she like you?" The brunette asked, and Haruhi rubbed the back of her neck.

"Yeah, kinda. She's been my childhood friend for a long time. We haven't had much contact after she moved though, but I am glad to see her." Haruhi said and hugged Lillie, and the girls squealed.

Tamaki and everyone looked over to see, and smiled. She was playing out perfectly for her role, and even Kyoya had a small smile on his lips, but suddenly frowned. What Haruhi said earlier bothered him, and even he didn't know why. He was the Shadow King, the opposite of Tamaki, stuff like this shouldn't effect him, but it was. Lillie blushed upon the hug, and suddenly every girl in the Host squealed in delight.

"Oh, now I want a hug from Haruhi-Kun!" one girl said.

"He's being so gentle." Another said.

Suddenly every girl came over, and Haruhi sweat-dropped. She didn't know one hug could make this much commotion.

"Ladies please, don't push her. After all, she's just been reunited with her friend." Tamaki said, and the girls all swooned at his words.

"How do they all swoon at his words?" Lillie questioned.

"Tamaki is the King of the Host after all. It's no wonder the girls would like him so much." Haruhi said.

"Haruhi-Kun, how do you feel about Tamaki?" The brunette asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Haruhi questioned.

"It sounds like their was jealousy to your voice." the short brunette asked.

"I don't see how, but Tamaki is a father in a way." Haruhi said, and that caught Tamakis' attention.

"A father?" Lillie questioned.

"Well, I guess more like teacher. After all, I watch what he does, and try to learn from him, but keep my own style and ways as well. Tamaki is a Leader, and teacher figure to me. It doesn't matter if I get personal training, I can watch just by observing." Haruhi said and smiled, making everyone in the Host blush, including the guys except Mori and Kyoya.

Lillies' blush was a shade of red and tomato would be jealous. She knew Haruhi was good with words, but exactly how could was beyond her. Lillie couldn't help but feel some jealousy towards Tamaki though. No one was stealing her Haruhi, but if Haruhi liked Tamaki, then she would except it...but that didn't mean she shouldn't try, right?
Okay, so I saw it fit to make it were Lillie see's how Haruhi does in the Host Club, and yes, she does believe Haruhi is a guy because of her accident, and when she saw Haruhi after waking up, Haruhi had her hair up, but with it in a bun, Lillie didn't noticed and instantly thought Haruhi was a guy. Anyways, Lillie does find out the truth, and ends up falling in love with Kyoya.

Hope ya'll liked the story. ^^
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