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Kagome was blown back from her and slammed into a tree. The completed jewel fell from her hand and in front of a certain priestess feet.

"Aw, such a shame Kagome. You dropped the Jewel." Kikyo said as she picked it up.

"No, don't touch it!" Kagome said as she did her Miko blast on Kikyo, making Kikyo drop the Jewel.

"No, give me the Jewel. I must become alive." Kikyo said as she aimed for the jewel.

"No, the only one who is allowed to make a wish is InuYasha." Kagome said as she ran where she knew InuYasha was waiting.

"No, I will not allow anyone to get away with the jewel." Kikyo said as she followed Kagome.

'I hope InuYasha is still there.' Kagome thought as she saw the well, and InuYasha was waiting there, and he stared at her.

"Kagome! Why is Kikyo following you?" InuYasha said as he stood up, and got out his sword.

Kagome turned around and saw Kikyo with her bow and arrows out.

"Kagome, give me the Jewel!" Kikyo demanded.

Kagome shook her head no violently, and Kikyo turned the arrow on InuYasha. Suddenly InuYasha noticed he couldn't move his body.

"Crap I can't move my body." InuYasha said, and when he looked at Kikyo he saw an evil look on her.

"Then you can't have InuYasha either!" Kikyo shouted as she shot her arrow and it sped toward InuYasha.

Kagome gasped as she saw this.

"NO! InuYasha!" Kagome shouted, and ran toward him.

The arrow got closer, but suddenly, Kagome got in front of InuYasha, and suddenly InuYasha was able to move again, but it was too late, the arrow hit Kagome square in the back, and Kagome jerked a little bit. Kagome fell to her knee's bringing InuYasha with her, and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Kagome? Why...?" InuYasha said as Kikyo laughed.

"I knew she'd do that." Kikyo laughed, but InuYasha still held onto Kagome.

"Because I wanted to repay the favor's you've done for me, by protecting you." Kagome said as blood trailed from her mouth to her chin.

Kagome was feeling cold, and InuYasha clinched to her body.

"No Kagome. No, you can't die, you can't!" InuYasha said and Kagome pulled a bloody smile.

"It's better this...way. Now, I can rest, right? I just be able to...protect you, and to tell you...that...I..." Kagome didn't finish her sentence as she coughed out blood, and her body went limp in his arms.

InuYasha's eyes widened when he noticed that Kagome really was dead. No, this couldn't be happening, not to him! Not to Kagome!

"Kagome? Kagome?! KAGOME!" InuYasha yelled as his youkai started to take over.

"Now InuYasha, lets go." Kikyo said as he soul collectors went towards Kagome, but InuYasha ripped them apart.

Kikyo was surprised when she noticed his nails were longer.

"No." InuYasha said in a demonic voice.

"But InuYasha we'll be able to live together." Kikyo said in a fake sad voice.

"NO! No one touches..." InuYasha trailed off, and turns around to show his full demon form.

"MY KAGOME!" InuYasha said as he attacked Kikyo.

"What?!" Kikyo said in a unbelieving voice.

Was this really happening? Did InuYasha really transform just because her reincarnation was dead?
okay sorry if it's short. I can't believe I actually did this. I love Kagome, she's my fav character.

Her and InuYasha are my favorite pair. I can't believe I'd make her die in a fanfic, but hey, gotta have some angst in a story, and sorry if their OOC or if the story's crappy.


EDIT: I fixed grammar, spelling error's, and added a little bit more to the chapter.
APHItaly Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I hate you Kikyo!!
kira9422 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010   Writer
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!
is it gonna be a kikyo/ inuyasha story now? if it is, even though i hate that couple, i'll continue reading it. Good Job!
Maria65 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
nah it's not a InuYasha/Kikyo story because InuYasha kills Kikyo
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