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Steven Stones panted as he ran through the mountain. He got a panicked call from Ash, Brock, Darian, Max, and May about Calie missing. Steven Stones had instantly gone to the mountain, meet with them, and they split up. May with Ash, Max with Brock, and Steven Stones alone since he knew the mountain best, and he was stronger alone. He looked down the cliff, and gasped. Calie was down there, but she was surrounded by Team Magma member's. She looked worn out, but what worried him most was the fact that she was cut up. The Mightyena's around her growled and barked at her, and she flinched, which worried Steven Stones. She was scared, and Team Magma relished in the fact that their enemy would be afraid.

"Hand over the Orb!" The Leader said, but Calie shook her head.

"Never! No matter how much you attack me, I will never hand it over." Calie shouted as she tucked the red orb closer to her.

"You give us no choice again! Mightyena Bite!" the Leader said, and Mightyena charged at her.

"AH!" Calie shouted as she threw her arms up, and the Mightyena bit her arm.

Calie struggled for her arm to be released. Steven gasped as he looked for a way down. He saw a path, and ran toward it, and carefully went down it. Calie was slammed against the cliff, and screamed in pain as it happened. Suddenly her own Mightyena came out, and attacked the other back, and growled at them, but Steven could see he was weak also.

"Don't take another step toward my trainer!" Mightyena growled out in anger.

"Then have her hand over the orb, and she'll live." The Leader said, trying to convince Mightyena.

Mightyena whimpered and looked at Calie, but she only returned him, and put him back in the bag instead of her belt as she did with the other poke-balls. The Leader cussed under his breath, and glared at her as a Skarmory was soon beside him.

"Skarmory, Peak! And don't stop until she begs." The leader said.

Steven Stones stopped and looked for another path. He saw another one and carefully made his way toward it. Suddenly the Skarmory charged Calie, and began peaking at her with his metallic peak, tearing into her clothes, and her flesh, creating cuts.

"Do you beg?" the Leader asked sadistically.

"No! AH!" Calie shouted, but screamed in pain from the attack.

She hugged the orb closer to her, trying to keep it safe. Suddenly it shank into her skin, and she screamed in even more pain as it happened, but it blew the Skarmory away from her, knocked out. Suddenly the orb came back out, and Calie collapsed, but she was so weak, and losing blood, Magma knew they could tear the orb from her lifeless hands. The stalked toward her, that was until they heard a raged males voice.

"Aggron! Use Hyper Beam!" The voice said, and when they looked up, they saw Steven Stones jumped off the cliff, and land beside Calie.

His Aggron landed before him, and used the attack on them, making them scatter, but they reformed themselves quickly, and glared at Steven Stones and his Aggron. Steven instantly held Calie, and kept the orb she was holding safe, but her body was going cold, so he hugged her closer, even though her blood was seeping through his shirt.

"So your gonna protect her?" the Leader asked, glaring at him.

"To protect Calie, yes. I'll protect her with my life!" Steven shouted back.

"You Champion's always get in our way. This time though, you won't succeed! Mightyena!" the Leader shouted, and Mightyena went to attack Aggron.

"Aggron, use Hyper Beam again!" Steven shouted.

After a long battle Magma retreated, and Steven stood up, with a nearly lifeless Calie in his arms. Aggron walked toward them, and looked at Calie worried, and Steven nodded. Aggron had a fondness of Calie, and Steven could tell something was wrong with the Pokemon that attacked her. They attacked her reluctantly. Steven then ran with Aggron beside him, trying to find the others.

With the others: They all meet outside the cave, panting and noticed that neither Steven or Calie were back. Magma had gotten away, and they didn't have the strength to chase them anymore.

"I hope Calie and Steven are okay." May said hugging herself, an Ash laid a hand on her shoulder.

"She'll be fine May, so will Steven. They're both really strong, believe me." Ash said and May nodded, still not fully convinced.

"If Steven found her, they should be out soon." Brock said trying to help.

"But what if Calies' hurt?!" Darian shouted.

"Or Steven also." Max said worried.

"Guys, your not helping." May said, holding her Eevee closer to her.

"Calm down guys." Ash said glaring at them, making them shut up.

"Oh, your all already here, thank god!" The voice of Steven said, but it was weak.

They all looked at the entrance of the cave only to see Steven come out, but he had blood all over him. Blood on his face, soaking his shirt, and some on his pants. They looked at the person he held in his arms, and it was Calie. They gasped at how bad her condition was. She was nearly dead, with all the cuts, bits, tears and everything else, they were worried she might not make it.

"Let's get to a hospital, quickly!" May shouted upon seeing her.

Later: Calie was laying in her bed, hurt, exhausted, but she was fine. She was awake at the moment, but she was weak, but able to stay awake. She held the orb in her hand, and looked at Ninetails who nodded.

"The orb is a fake. We made it to lure Team Magma away from it's real location. How it actually slipped into her is a mystery, but it's a fake." Ninetails said, and blew fire on it, and it melted.

"See?" Ninetails said, and they were shocked.

"But why do something so dangerous?" Max asked.

"Because Calie wants to keep the actual orb safe from harm. She knows that if Magma gets a hold of it, they'll destroy to world." Ninetails said for Calie who nodded.

"There was probably a Psychic Pokemon around that helped make the orb seem like the actual thing, therefore how it sunk into her body." Steven said, and Calie shrugged.

"Well, all that matters is that your safe." May said walking toward Calie, and smiling at her as Eevee squeaked her happiness.

"Yeah, just rest up and get some sleep." Darian said and Calie nodded as she closed her eyes, and her breathing evened out.

They all smiled as they left the room one-by-one, but Steven stayed back a bit, and looked at Calie from the doorway, before his face went from soft to serious.

"But I promise Calie, I will protect you with me life." Steven said before leaving the room, unknown that Calie, even in her sleep, smiled with happiness.
Okay, so I am trying to stay in a Pokemon mood to finish my Unova Travel story, that way I can post it. Heehee, and as we can see here Steven has shown real concern for Calie, but is this a first sign of Love? Also, as we can see May has her Eevee already. I can't remember when she gets her Eevee, but I think she got it when she was still chasing Team Magma and Team Aqua. Can't remember, I only saw that episode once. Also, apparently Darian hasn't caught notice of Calies' crush, or Stevens' crush which is good, or else he'd blown up by now. I don't really like Team Magma since they seem like a bunch of jerks, but oh well, that's how I picture them. Also I can' remember the leaders' name. I think it's Maxus, but not to sure.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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Yeah, when she's in danger, Steven Stones somehow appear's out of nowhere.
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Woha, kinda like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.
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Really?'s been so long since I watch Sailor Moon, that I didn't realize it. Anyways, Steven is somehow there, except one time when Team Rocket tried to capture Ash they ended up capturing May and Calie.
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