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A newly adult Flarena smiled as she laid in her room, and sighed. Tomorrow...tomorrow was her Ceremony into Council. To become the official Guardian of Fire. Flarena sighed sadly though, as she made circles with the blade on her tail, before looking out her window.

'If only my father, Ignitus, could see me now. I'm sure he would be proud of me, right?' Flarena thought, when suddenly her door opened.

Flarena looked toward the door, and saw the Chronicler, and was confused, before smiling. Why did he look younger? Flarena pushed the thought aside before standing up, and bowing to the Chronicler, who was really Ignitus, but she didn't know.

"Please Flarena, no need to bow." The Chronicler, Ignitus, said.

'He even sounds like father.' Flarena thought before standing fully.

"Hello Chronicler, it's good to see you." Flarena said with a smile.

"I hear that you're Ceremony is tomorrow, but I came early." Chronicler Ignitus said.

"I see, thank you for coming." Flarena said, and then Sparx came in.

"You can thank me for that. The Council is getting me to fly all over the place with Haze to alert everyone of your Ceremony." Sparx said and Flarena smiled before kissing his forehead.

"Thanks Sparx." Flarena said, and Sparx smiled with a blush before leaving.

"Seems as though even you too, are excited." Chronicler Ignitus said as Flarena laid down, and motioned for him to lay down also.

"Of course. With the inspiration from my father, I always dreamed of one day becoming the Guardian." Flarena said with a soft, sad smile.

'I wish I could tell her the truth, but she's not ready for it yet.' Chronicler Ignitus thought, keeping his sadness to himself.

"Chronicler, do you think my father would be proud of me?" Flarena asked.

"I am...I mean, I'm sure he would be very proud of you Flarena. Everyone is." Chronicler Ignitus said, and Flarena smiled.

Elsewhere: Spyro and Cynder landed inside the temple with Flame and Ember, before smiling.

"It's here. Flarena finally becomes a Guardian." Spyro said in joy.

"Yes, I can't wait for the Ceremony to start. I'm sure everyone will be joyous." Ember said smiling.

"Yes. I feel so happy for her." Cynder said with a smile.

"Same here. I can't wait for it to start." Flame said with a smile of his own.

"I wish Ignitus was here to see this. His own daughter is becoming a daughter." Spyro said, and Cynder nuzzled his cheek.

Suddenly Flarena appeared in the landing area, and smiled as the Chronicler appeared right beside her.

"Hey guys." Flarena said, and Spyro with the others smiled.

"Flarena, how do you feel about today?" Spyro asked as they walked toward her.

"I'm excited. I just wish dad was here to see this." Flarena said, but had a smile.

Then the rest of the Council appeared, and smiled to her. Terrador stepped forward, and nuzzled her cheek, since he was like her second father.

"Let's get going. the Ceremony is being held in the Center of WarFang." Terrador explained, and they all nodded as they flew outside to the center.

Upon reaching the Center, they saw Blaze, and Carrol, who smiled.

"I'm surprised to see you two not fighting for once." Cyril said, and Carrol chuckled.

"Trying to settled difference's. We decided to be nice to each other." Carrol said in a strained nice voice, and Blaze only sighed with a roll of his eyes.

Flarena smiled before walking to be between them, before nuzzling them both.

"Alright Flarena, let's get on the stage." Chronicler Ignitus said, and Flarena nodded as her, Ignitus, Terrador, Volteer, Cyril, Spyro, Cynder, Ember, Flame, Carrol, and Blaze all went toward the stage.

When they appeared, roaring, and cheering erupted throughout the whole village, everyone happy for the new Member joining. Only when the Chronicler raised his wings did the cheering die down. Terrador cleared his throat before he spoke.

"As we all know, with the passing of Ignitus, the Council has been short one Member. Well...that has changed. Because of his daughter, we have found a new, valuable member to take his place among the Guardian's. Yes, Ignitus's passing effects the Council greatly, but his daughter has gone through the required training to become a wonderful guardian. Volteer, speak." Terrador said, and Volteer cleared his throat before stepping forward.

"I'm sure, that if Ignitus was here right now, he would be smiling in pride for his daughter, because I know the Council is in Pride about this. Flarena, will be a wonderful Guardian, no matter gender. She'll be the first female guardian, but that doesn't mean we'll be easy on her. Flarena will encounter troubles here and there, but she will be able to get through it, because not only are we here, but she has her fathers', Ignitus's, blood in her vein's. We're all proud of her. Cyril, speak." Volteer said, and Cyril nodded before stepping forward as Volteer stepped back.

"I am very proud of Flarena. She has been through a rough time. First the passing of her father, then the training, the mission's...but it's all over now. But she'll face more peril's as a Guardian, but she can make it. Like her father before her, Flarena was able to think clearly, and act righteous in tough situation's, and now she's come this far, and will go further in life. Flarena shall be a wonderful Guardian. Chronicler, please speak." Cyril said before stepping back as the Chronicler Ignitus, stepped forward.

"Everyone, I am here today, to not only speak as myself, but in Ignitus's place. He, I can already tell, is very proud of Flarena, for I can tell he is smiling down upon her in pure happiness. Yes, the death of Ignitus has grieved us all, but we have been able to push this far, and will keep pushing on, as his daughter, Flarena has done. I too, am very happy for Flarena, because she will be a lovely, and wonderful Guardian. Everyone, I give you, the New Fire Guardian, Flarena!" the Chronicler Ignitus said, before backing up as Flarena stepped forward.

Everyone cheered, and roared as Flarena stepped forward, and she gulped before composing herself, and raising her wings as a silence sign, and it died down, before she spoke.

"Everyone, I am here today as the New Fire Guardian. I am grateful to my supporter's, and to everyone who has helped me, and help me in the future. I want you all to know my gratitude, but I can't express it in words. I also want each and everyone of you to know, that if you need anything, I am here. I will help you with what you need, for I am not only your ally, but I am also you friend." Flarena said before bowing, and the cheering erupted again and so did the roaring.

Flarena smiled before she turned toward the Chronicler only to see them all wearing a robe with a gem attached to it in their element and color.

"Wha-?" Flarena was cut off as she saw a red robe, with a red gem attached to it with her father's deign on it, and she looked at the Chronicler surprised.

"Welcome to the Council, Flarena." The Chronicler Ignitus said.

Flarena smiled as tears came to her eyes, before she lowered her head in a bow. Chronicler Ignitus placed the robe over her, before placing the opening over her neck, and when Flarena raised her head, the red gem sparkled in the sunlight before giving a bright red glow, and Flarena smiled before turning toward the crowd that erupted in high praise again, and Flarena before turning her attention to the Chronicler and the Council as well as her friends who all smiled to her.

"Thank you, everyone. Thank you..." Flarena turned to look toward the sky.

"Father." Flarena said as a lone tear of happiness slid down her cheek.

She would move on to make her father happy, and to help those who need it. Like her father before her, she will keep going through the fire and flames, and never give up, until peace full restore's to the lands that they live upon.
Okay so, I was bored and decided to upload a story on Flarena, when she officially becomes the Fire Guardian. ^^ Anyways, as we can see, Flarena was kind of nervous, especially since her father wasn't around.

I wanna make a picture of small Flarena now with her father, but I can't, so if anyone wants to they can make it. This also kinda made me almost cry because it's so sad to see that Flarena doesn't know that the Chronicler is her father.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Oh, and here's an idea. Flarena becomes the Fire Guardian just two weeks BEFORE my arrival in the Realms=D
Maria65 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
Yeah, that would actually be pretty cool. ^^ We could add that into your comic. Like when Cynder or someone tells Ian that Flarena is the fire Guardian, she could say: "That was just two weeks ago, it's not a big deal." or something like that.
AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maria65 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
Just a suggestion. ^^;
AvalarGuardian Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it=)
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Oh, okay. ^^ :tighthug:
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