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N sighed as he watched Touko interact with her Pokemon. Her Samurott, Zoroark, Victini, Unfezant, Zebstrika, and lastly Reshiram. Reshiram was just smiling as Touko interacted with them all, and N couldn't help but smile also and looked at Zekrom, who longed to be beside his brother, to stop their battle.

"Should we enter?" N asked him, and Zekrom looked down at him before nodding.

"Yes." He said lowly so only him and N could hear.

N smiled as he let his own Zoroark out. He seemed confused as he looked around, at least until his eyes landed on Toukos' Zoroark. Zoroark blushed as he saw her, then again, with them being the last two of their kind, who wouldn't.

"Let's go." N said after he toke a deep breath.

They walked into the clearing in the forest, which made Touko gasp and stand up. Her eyes widened as she saw him. There was no way he was back. Touko couldn't believe it. He was really in front of her. N smiled a little bit, and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hey Touko." N said smiling.

Before anyone could blink, Touko ran at him, and and hugged him. N was shocked to receive such a warm welcome. He thought she would be angry at him, but instead she's hugging him. N hugged back, and leaned his head against Toukos'. He hadn't seen her for a year, so she was 17 by now, and Arceus how he missed her. Zekrom smiled at them before smiling at his brother, in which Reshiram smiled back. Zoroark smiled as she saw Ns' Zoroark, and hugged him much like her trainer, and Zoroark gave a grin of his own. They rubbed noses, which made N and Touko smile, but they blushed also.

"I knew you would return, N and Zekrom." Reshiram said with a cocky smile.

"You always know." Zekrom said with a smile.

Toukos' other Pokemon gathered around them, and nuzzled up to N, especially Victini, since she had always had a fondness of N. Samurott suck to Toukos' side. He may like N, but he certainly wasn't gonna let him near Touko unless Touko told him to back down. N smiled after they all moved away, and N smiled at Touko, and Touko blushed.

"Remember the day we confessed?" N asked, and Touko nodded.

"Well, I'm staying for good, so..." N walked up to her, grabbed her hand, and smiled gently to her.

"This is something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time, but..." N leaned toward Toukos' ear so he could whisper this into her ear.

"Will you be my Princess?" N asked, and Touko blushed three different shades of red.

"N...are...are you sure?" Touko asked as she cupped his face so she could look directly into his eyes, and when she did, he was blushing also, but he had determination in his eyes.

"Yes Touko, I'm certain." N said and crushed his lips to her's.

Touko was shocked to say the least. Yeah, when they confessed they kissed, but this was different. It held longing, loneliness, love, passion, and everything, unlike their first kiss that held love, passion, care, and understanding. They had to pull apart so they could breath, and when they did, they smiled and held each other closer. Samurott sighed and looked away embarrassed, Unfezant gave a small smile to herself, Victini made a heart of fire, Zebstrika gave off small sparks, Reshiram smiled, and Zoroark leaned against Ns' Zoroark making him blush, and Zekrom gave a roar of happiness.

"Maybe we can put our past behind us Reshiram, and start anew?" Zekrom asked as he held a hand out, and Reshiram smiled as he shook his hand with his clawed wing.

"I'm willing to agree on that term." Reshiram said and Zekrom grinned.

N smiled at Touko as they finished listening to their Pokemon, and then Samurott sighed, coming up beside Touko, and giving N a protective look.

"As Toukos' starter Pokemon, I'll go ahead and warn you that if you so much as hurt my trainer even a little bit, I will use Hydro Pump to blast that pretty little head of yours off." Samurott threatened, and N smiled before patting his head.

"I would never harm Touko." N said smiling at him.

"We'll be quiet busy though." N said and Touko looked at him only to see him with a red face, his head turned away.

"Why?" Touko asked, and N pointed toward their Zoroark's only to see them disappear into the forest.

"Oh..." Touko said blushing red.

"But, so will we my Princess, or should I say Queen." N said giving a mischievous smile, and Touko gave one back.

"Yes we will, my King." Touko said as they kissed.
OMG, I love this pairing so much. Maybe even more than AshxMay, and CaliexSteven Stones. Anyways, this is from my Unova travel story, in which I will also have to make a few adjustments to Pokemon which will be pain to find the original chapter it's in. Lord help me. Anyways, I was bored, and wanted to do some more FerrisWheelShipping. This is when N comes back and asks Touko to be his Princess/Queen, since he still has that King/Prince act to him, he at least wouldn't change in that perspective. Their Zoroark's are gonna keep them busy for awhile, I can guarantee that. ^^

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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