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Calie growled as she watched the scene unfold. How could she lie to her? Calie couldn't believe she just lied to her face, then runs off to see him. Before her was Touko and N, laughing, and acting like love-struck Pidove's.

'Where did I go wrong?' Calie thought to herself, groaning lowly.

She thought she cold trust Touko never to lie to her. Well she was wrong, very wrong. Calie clenched her brown vest as she thought back to earlier that day about what Touko said.

Earlier: Calie walked toward Touko, and sighed. She had become suspicious about Touko randomly disappearing during the evening, and now she wanted some answer.

"Hey Touko, can we talk real quick?" Calie asked Touko, and she turned around and nodded.

They walked away from Touya, Cheren, and Bianca, and found a spot near Mistraltons' Cafe, where no one was really at. Calie turned to Touko with serious red eyes, and Touko gulped.

"Alright, I've grown suspicious of you Missy. Is there something going on that I'm not aware about? And don't you dare lie to me, cause if you do, I'll ask your Pokemon also!" Calie stated glaring at her.

Touko sighed as she allowed Samurott out, and looked Calie straight in the eye.

"I'm not doing anything Calie, I swear on my life!" Touko stated firmly.

"Then what about the random disappearance's during the evening's?!" Calie demanded.

"I'm trying to train on my own Calie! I wanna try training in my own way. I relied on you too much, so I thought maybe I should try training the Pokemon myself, and stop relying on other's." Touko explained, and Calie looked at Samurott who gave a firm nod.

Calie sighed, and looked around, but saw nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. Calie sighed, looked at Touko nodding, and walked away. -End-

Calie couldn't believe she fell for it, but she thanked herself for not fully trusting every word that was said. Now she could stop this nonsense that was going on. Calie let her Ninetails out, who nodded, toke a deep breathe, and the two left the safety of the bushes.

"TOUKO! Stop this!" Calie said and Touko with N gasped as they looked at Calie.

Calie looked pissed off, her red eyes burning in anger, and fists clenched tightly, and her faced contorted in anger. Ninetails beside her was growling viciously. Touko gasped and toke a step back as Samurott came out to protect her, and N stood before Touko also with his Zoroark.

"I can't believe you Touko! How could you lie to me like that?!" Calie asked of her, and she looked away, and N glared at her.

"What's the matter with you Calie?! She can't even love?" N asked, and Calie glared at him.

"Not when it's the enemy! Touko, he's the enemy. Trying to tear the world apart! What's going on?!" Calie demanded, and Touko glared at her, stepping forth.

"I can do what I want Calie. I can look after myself. I'm 16 for crying out-loud!" Touko shouted and Calie growled.

"Prove it to me then! Prove to me that you can watch after yourself. I'm only doing what's best for you!" Calie said in a rage.

"You want my worth?! I'll show you my worth!" Touko said in a rage.

After the battle: Touko fell to her knee's as her Zebstrika fell to her Mightyena. Calie scoffed as she had Mightyena stand beside her. Her only good Pokemon was Victini. Touko had taken down Ninetails, Arcanine, Lucario, and Leafeon but Mightyena toke down the last two of Toukos' team. Touko stared at her party as tears ran down her face. N knelt down to Touko and hugged her as he glared at Calie, who returned the glare. Touko returned her Pokemon, and cried in Ns' chest. N stroked her hair and Zoroark got ready for battle.

"Oh, are you gonna fight me N?" Calie questioned as Mightyena growled at him.

"To protect Touko, yes!" N stated, and Calies' eyes widened.

-Flashback- Steven held Calie to him as Team Magma got closer, and then the leader spoke.

"Oh, so your gonna protect her?" he asked.

"To protect Calie, yes! I'll protect her with my life!" Steven shouted as he held Calies' bleeding body to himself. -Flashback end-

Calie swayed a little bit, but then returned Mightyena to his Poke-ball before backing into a tree, and clenching at it as she held one hand to her head. She looked at them and saw the image of Steven holding her lifeless body before it switched back to N holding a crying Touko. Calie sighed as she shook her head, and pushed herself off the tree she was up against.

"I...I'm s-sorry, Touko." Calie said looking away, and Touko looked at her shocked.

"Calie..." Touko sobbed out, but Calie ran off.

"CALIE!" Touko shouted but couldn't move as N still held her.

With Calie: Calie kept running, she didn't dare stop. She wouldn't stop until her legs couldn't carry her. She ran through Icirrus City, and ran down the steps, and went straight toward the windmill outside the city. She placed her hands against it, turned around, and slid down the wall, and began crying. She couldn't believe she got that mad about Touko loving the enemy. She should love whoever she wants, even if it's the enemy.

'You can love whoever you want, as long as it is true love.' Her mothers words echoed in her head, bringing more tears to her eyes.

'How could I have reacted like that? That's just like me loving a champion, when they already have enough stress on them. Why did I do that?' Calie thought as she continued to cry.

Suddenly a hand laid on her shoulder and she looked up with teary eyes to see a worried Touko, and a concerned N. Calie instantly hugged Touko, crying and apologizing to her about what happened. Touko forgave her, and in turn Calie kept their relationship a secret. She knew that as long as it's true love, like her mother said, let it be and flow with time. Calie knew though, in the end, happiness doesn't always happen. She knew, in the end, that something bad would happen, but only time would tell.
Okay, so this is related to A Battle of Rage! This is the alternate scene that where to happen if Touko and N do have a secret relationship in the story in which I am debating. This is also Calies' suspicious, evil side that comes out. When Calie gets suspicious, it helps bring her evil side out, which in turn causes some flashbacks, but those are rare. Also after the story I'm currently doing is posted, I will post the Unova story, because I will make it. I won't make the Hoenn story because I didn't watch the full series of it, and neither will I do a Kanto or Johto story either because I didn't watch many episodes of those either.

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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