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1. [ ] You feel childhood listening to the Wii Sports theme

2. [x] You listen to video game soundtracks (They seem to be the only people today who put out good music)

3. [ ] You've tried to make your own video game

4. [x] You've got gaming merchandise and plushies

5. [x] You know the cake is a lie

6. [x] When you try to talk about video games at school or another place, people have no idea what your talking about (Most of the time. Sadly, no one where I live know about the Xenogames. TT^TT)

7. [x] You spend more than 8 hours on a computer/gaming console a day (Is that a bad thing?)

8. [x] You have played Pac-Man

9. [x] You own a DS (Yeah, got a DS, DS Lite, 3DS, 3DSXL)

10. [x] You own a Wii

11. [x] You own an xBox or PS3 or PS4 (What about PS2? Yes, we have a PS3, and I've played on it a few times.)

12. [x] You own a controller (What kind? I have computer controller, wii controllers, PS controlers. The list goes on.)

13. [x] You own a gaming computer (It's used for everything, but mostly games.)

14. [x] You daydream about video games (...Xenoblade...)

15. [ ] You are still waiting for Half Life 3

16. [ ] You are still waiting for Portal 3

17. [x] Sometimes you pretend to be video game characters (Yes. I pretend I am always Fiora. ^^, or occassionally, Melia. I can get her tone just perfect.)

18. [x] You roleplay about video games (Yes, that is true.)

19. [ ] You have a score over 30 in Flappy Bird (WTF?)

18. [/ ] You have a score over 2,000,000 in Temple Run (Played it, but never scored over that. Got about halfway though.)

19. [x] You have completed too many games to count

20. [x] You own/have owned over 30 video games (Still.)


Now take your score. Multiply it by 5. You now title this journal "I am ___% Gamer".


0-5 You're no gamer (Tag 1 people)
5-25 You are okay (Tag 5 people)
25-50 You are a true gamer (Tag 10 people)
50-75 You are a good gamer (Tag 15 people)
75-100 YOU ARE A LEGENDARY GAMER (Tag 20 people) O.O Holy cow!

I tag

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  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Diet Mountain Dew


Maria65's Profile Picture
Experiment #65
United States
I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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