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Okay, so apparently Xenoblade Chronicles is being re-textured and everything and is coming out for the PlayStation series, and the Xbox 360...YES!

I saw some of the improvements on the site the project is being done at. In order for the re-texture's to be released though, Monolith would have to approve of I think Monolith is helping in the new project and taking over.

All I an say is I can't wait for it to come out. When it does, I am so buying it. But if it's only coming out for the Wii U and Xbox 360...crap... I don't care much for the Wii U, and I hate Xbox.

But, if I have to buy it for the improved version, I will. After all...hearing Alvis's voice and seeing the improvement on don't know what to think. I could probably die from fangirlism, and be happy. :dreamy-sigh:

Well, as a result, my Summoner's and Kingdom's story has officially been deleted...damn microsoft word. I went to save my file, exited off, went to work, came back...and it's no where to be seen. My brother said an error was on screen when he got up, and he tried to save my file...but it was futile. TT^TT Oh well, I guess that means I'll be working on Xenoblade stories now. I still have my Final Fantasy mood going on as I am still playing Final Fantasy 9, but now that I know all this new knowledge on Xenoblade, I am fixated on Xenoblade. I want to play the improved version when it is released.

Well, I will be posting the two new idea's on Xenoblade fanfic's on DA soon. ...I'm still upset about my Summoner's and Kingdom's story disappearing on me.
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Experiment #65
United States
I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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