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Okay, so this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 28, 29, 30 I won't be getting on.

I will be over in North Carolina for something called OCC, or as the title says Operation Chirstmas Child. Too long to explain, so look it up. ^^; Or as Luka says, "Go Google it!"

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know so they didn't freak out as to why I wasn't responding. Also, until I return I won't be uploading anything either. I will upload pictures though of while I was at North Carolina.

But until them, no one panic, I am alive and kicking, just won't be on those 3 days. ^^

Hope you all have a Awesome Thanksgiving!
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"We warned you..." the ether told her, and looking toward the green district, she saw an explosion, and she gasped, her hands slapping over her mouth in horror.

"! Fiora!" Keyara thought, running toward the green district, bag still in hand.

She didn't get far when she felt the ether of someone behind her, and she turned, pulling her sword with her, blocking a sword.

"A soldier?" Keyara questioned, before seeing the yellow armor.

"War?" Keyara asked herself, kicking the guy away, and putting the ether crystals in her bag.

"What's going on?! Tell me!" Keyara demanded as three more appeared.

"Our order's are too kill you. That is all you need to know!" the soldier before her shouted, and attacked again.

Keyara gasped, blocking the blow, and using her ether to increase her speed, and attack. The battle kept going, even as another explosion happened in the green district.

'I have to end this. I don't have much time left, and Fiora could be in danger.' Keyara thought, before screaming, her purple eyes flashing as she fell to her knees, the ehter rising dangerously again.

"Alright, you're finished." A soldier said, walking toward her, and she looked up, shaking.

She had tears in her clothes, bleeding cuts, and then it began raining, mingling with her tears of pain. The sword decended, and she lowered her head in defeat.

'I'm sorry...Fiora.' Keyara thought, when suddenly, she heard a clang of metal on metal.

"Wha-?! Alvis, are you betraying us?!" the soldier before her asked.

Keyara felt a soldier behind her, and looking up, she saw the soldier behind her throw his helmet off, glaring at the solider before them.

"I don't understand this. Melia has done nothing but torture us! I want let her kill my Keyara!" Alvis shouted, and kicking the soldier away, stabbed him, before cutting his chest open.

Keyara gasped, grabbed her sword, and fought side-by-side with Alvis, like they would do in the caves. It wasn't long before the three soldiers were dead, and Keyara wobbled, and Alvis helped stabilize her.

"Keyara, are you okay?" Alvis said, and Keyara nodded.

"Yes, but what's going on?" Keyara asked, and Alvis sighed sadly.

"P-Princess Melia is attacking the Green District kill...Fiora." Alvis said sadly, and Keyaras' eyes widdened in horror.

"Then...that ether was...!" Keyara didn't say another word as she ran into the district, hoping to save Fiora.

"Keyara, what are you doing?!" Alvis shouted as he followed right behind her.

"I'm going to save my friend!" Keyara shouted back.

"Keyara, that's suicide!" Alvis shouted, but Keyara didn't respond.

They got about half-way through, when Keyara saw the Mistress, Mistress Meyneth.

"No...Meyneth!" Keyara shouted, forgetting formality.

"Keyara?" Meyneth questioned wealky, blood and scars covering her body as her clothes were torn.

Her silver hair was stained with blood, the same color of her red eyes.

"Meyneth, what happened?" Keyara asked, trying to heal her.

"We...we couldn't...stop them. They marched in...killing everyone. I'm...sorry..." Meyneth said, but despite Keyaras' efforts, Meyneth went limp.

Keyaras' purple eyes widen in horror, and she cried out. Alvis patted her shoulder, hoping to comfort her. Suddenly Keyara stood, and ran to her house, Alvis following. Keyara stopped, and looked at Alvis.

"Go get Shulk, Sharla, and Juju. They must know about this." Keyara said, and Alvis nodded, leaving.

Dreading what was ahead, Keyara walked in, feeling the faint ether of fear, sorrow, and...stopping dead, blood frozen, eyes wide, was Fiora, laying on the ground, blood covering the area. She lay in her own blood, her eyes closed, face in pain, and her hands wrapped around her stomach. Keyara fell to her knees, and placed a hand on Fiora, before lifting Fiora, the blood soaking Keyara.

"Fiora...hey...don't play around." Keyara said, starting to go into shock.

"Fiora...come on, t-this isn't funny. Fiora...Fiora...?" Keyara questioned, before she threw her head back.

"FIORA!" Keyara shouted out her agony and pain, before her head fell on Fiora chest.

She repositioned herself, and laid her head against Fioras'. couldn't be true! She should've listened to the ether, she should've stayed with Fiora, instead of leaving. Because then...then maybe, Fiora would be alive. She felt the sorrow of ether around, and cursed whoever did this. Sorrow? They had no right to feel sorrow, killing Fiora, they had no right! She heard footsteps, and looking over her shoulder saw Shulk, Sharla, Alvis, and Juju.

"We came as fast as we could. What ha-?" Shulk froze seeing Fiora, laying lifless in Keyaras' arms.

Falling to the ground, his eyes wide in horror, he touched Fioras' face, feeling the coldness of her skin, tears appeared and poured down his face.

"I'm sorry Shulk." Keyara said, and Shulk looked at her, seeing her crying as well.

"I...I knew. I knew this would happen, and I still left! I knew something was wrong, I knew the Green District would be in trouble. And still *sniffle* still I left!" Keyara cried out, holding a hand to her head to stop herself.

Keyara gently laid Fiora down, and tried to compose herself. Shulk started to sob, and hugged Keyara, knowing Keyara had tried to save Fiora.

"It's not your fault." Shulk said, hugging her.

Sharla stared wide eyed at the scene, then at Fiora, and tears appeared, even as Juju began crying, Alvis trying to stay calm. Sharla may have only known Fiora for a week...but she still came to care for Fiora. She came to love Fiora, even as Keyara had, and came to see Fiora as a younger sister, looking at Alvis as she hugged Juju, he turned toward her, feelings eyes on him.

"D-do you know...w-who did this?" Sharla questioned, stuttering over her words.

Alvis stiffened, before nodding slowly, before taking a deep breathe. Shulk walked over with Keyara, who was carrying Fiora.

"Tell them, I'll be back in a while." Keyara said, leaving to burry Fiora.

"Keyara..." Shulk trailed off as Alvis spoke, remembering how Alvis looked when he was told to come with him.

-Flashback- Shulk heard the explosions, and looked out his window, and saw another. But he couldn't tell it Red District, Green District, or Orange District were where they were coming from. Another attack on Red? Riots again in Orange? Or a collapse in Green? Suddenly, he heard banging on his door, and he sighed tired. Why so early? He felt something was really wrong, and that woke him along with explosion's. Opening the door, he was shocked to see a soaking wet Alvis, who seemed out of breathe, blood covering his yellow armor.

"A-Alvis?! W-what happened?!" Shulk shouted worried.

"C-come with me." Alvis panted out, and Shulk was worried and confused.

"Alvis, what's wrong?!" Shulk demanded, concern on his face.

"Green District...Keyara...Fiora. Trouble." Alvis stated, and Shulks' eyes widened as he grabbed his sword, and followed Alvis, Alvis saying they needed to alert Sharla and Juju. -Flashback end-

Sharlas' eyes were wide in rage as she heard Princess Melia ordered the attack, ordering for Fioras' death. Looking toward Shulk, she saw his face contort in rage, his blue eyes normally calm were dark with uncontrolable anger.

'What monster has she unleashed?' Sharla thought, remembering when they came to get her.

-Flashback- Sharla growled as she saw the explosion's in Green District. Something was wrong, very wrong. When the first one went off, she ordered all patrols to protect the entrance's should they be attacked. Juju held a ether rifle, as did Sharla, her brown eyes burning with determination to protect her district. A knock came to her door, and slowly going to open it, she was surprised to see Alvis and Shulk. Sighing with relief, Sharla ushered them in, before closing it.

"I see what's happening. What's going on, shouldn't we-!" Sharla was cut off as Alvis grabbed her shoulders, his silver-blue eyes shining with desperation.

"We don't have time to chat. You and Juju need to come with me and Shulk to the green district. Fiora and Keyara are mostly likely in danger, and if not, will be soon!" Alvis shouted, not knowing if Fiora was dead yet or not.

Sharla seemed to understand the urgency, and ordering the soldier's to place barrier's, left with Juju, running with Shulk and Alvis to Fioras' house. -Flashback end-

Keyara came back, an emotionless look on her face, and Alvis knew this was not a good sign. Whenever Keyara had that look, murder was ready to be commenced. Looking at them all, they could see a raging fire within her, now dark, purple eyes. Suddenly a snarl overcame her face and red ether swirled around her, a sign of her anger.

"Melia...she'll pay. She'll pay! The district have taken enough of her abuse, enough of her torture! It's time we strike back, it's time we rebel against her!" Keyara shouted, signalling her words with a red ether beam hitting the sky, and wave of red washing over the districts, even the yellow castle.

"I agree. I still have a vendetta against her for robbing the Red District. Killing Fiora it only fuel to the already raging fire." Sharla stated, her rifle ready for action.

"I will never forgive Melia for what she's done. I don't love her like she does me. I will never forgive her. I'm with you the whole way!" Shulk stated, his sword tightly held in his hands.

"When Melia ordered for me to kill Keyara, I knew who I had allied myself with. I may not be as strong as the rest of you, but I will do everything in my power to defeat her." Alvis stated, silver-blue eyes seeming to glow in anger.

"Juju, I need you to stay back and direct the districts in our absence. If things go as planned, the districts will rally together. I need to you help direct them." Sharla told Juju, who, still crying, nodded.

"Alright, if we're in agreement..." Keyara stuck her right hand out, eyes in determination.

"We rally the districts, each of us to one. Me in green, Shulk in blue, Sharla in red, and Alvis they should listen to you in orange. We rally them together to rebel." Keyara stated as each put their hand on hers.

"This is the end to Melias' tyranny!" Sharla stated, her hands slowly lifting.

"We end this as soon as possible!" Juju shouted, his hand following his sisters action.

"We start a new life." Alvis stated, his hands also lifting slowly.

"This is the start of a new revolution!" Keyara and Shulk coursed as they raised their hands toward the sky, sealing their agreement.
[Xenoblade Daughter of Purple] Chapter 10
Okay, so finally got the next chapter posted. ^^ As we can see, Alvis didn't follow Melias' orders, his love too strong for him to betray her. And Fiora...oh on..Fiora...s-she's...gone... Keyara feels as though it's her fault because she didn't listen to the ether, and because she didn't tell anyone. And yes, I know, I started it off from where the last chapter ended, but it fit better that way with similars lines, a little change, but only a bit longer. But, what will Melia do when she learns that Alvis has not only betrayed her, but Keyara is still alive? And will the other districts agree they've endured her tyranny long enough? Or will they back down?

Well, we'll find out soon. Anyways, Keyara is not happy, and sorry if this seemed rushed. I tried to make it longer and make sense. T^T Well, killing Fiora was the last straw, and Keyara will not stand for it any longer. Now, soon, the final battle begins to apporach us.… <-Previous, Next-> Coming soon.

(First->… )
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"Are you okay?" the voice of Fiora asked as she looked at Keyara worried.

"You gave us a heart attack when you fainted like that!" Shulk stated, concern on his face.

Keyara sighed tiredly, before giving the both of them a weary smile.

"I'm okay. A large rise in ether had gotten the better of me and made me faint." Keyara said, rubbing his forehead, tired.

Shulk looked like he wasn't convinced, and had wanted to say more, but when Fiora hugged Keyara, he kept his mouth shut, and gave a soft smile.

"Alright, but be careful. I don't want to see you hurt." Fiora said, smiling at Keyara, he green eyes soft.

'If only you knew why I was so exhuasted.' Keyara thought, keeping her thoughts to herself.

Later: It was night as Keyara stood right outside the castle grounds, and she growled chewing her lip. A lot more guards were around than last time. She sighed as she moved through the bushes a bit more, and saw the sleeping quarter's. Maybe she could get to him? She was about to use her ether, when suddenly she felt a hand grab her; one go over her mouth, and the other going around her waist. She was pulled against a hard chest, and felt the person lean against one of the tree's.

"Did you hear that?" Keyara heard a guard ask.

"Nah, I didn't hear anything. Might've been a animal though, but don't worry. Alvis is patrolling that area." Keyara heard the other guard ask, and she felt the person behind her give a sigh of relief.

"You certainly are a dare-devil, aren't you?" Keyara heard her captor say, and turning around, she saw Alvis smiling softly at her.

"Idiot." Keyara said, before kissing him, and he kissed back.

'Wasn't I going to warn her...or something? ...Oh fuck it.' Alvis thought, but pushed those thoughts aside, only thinking of the women in his arms.

"Thought I'd drop by again, and say hello." Keyara said with a mischevious smile.

"And I'm glad you did." Alvis said, and kissed her again.

"You seem tired again." Keyara stated, after they separated.

"Working for Melia, who wouldn't?" Alvis said, leaning against the tree, pulling her closer.

"Eh, true. I can see that happening." Keyara said, and laid her head against his chest, both smiling and blushing.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, when suddenly they heard someone with a gruff voice call out to Alvis.

"Oi, Alvis, where are ya?!" the gruff voice shouted, and Alvis sighed, placing a hand against his forehead.

"Reyn, damn him. He always seems to know whenever I 'disappear'." Alvis stated annoyed, and Keyara giggled, pecking his lips.

"Well, I need to go either way. I have a job to do for Mistress Meyneth." Keyara said, and he nodded as she ran off, before he mentally kicked himself.

'Shit! Now I remember what I wanted to tell her. Damn it!' Alvis thought, leaving the bushes, and walking toward Reyn.

"I'm alright. You needn't worry about me, you know?" Alvis told Reyn cooly.

"Oi, I know that. But I'd rather not see Melia give you lashing for not reporting. What happened anyways?" Reyn questioned the silver-haired boy.

"Thought someone was sneaking around castle grounds, but it was just a few animals. Nothing to worry about." Alvis reported, and Reyn sighed in relief.

"Alright, but next time, let me know. I really don't want ya disappearing on us." Reyn said, leaving with Alvis for others to take their shift.

Morning, with Melia: Melia was drinking her tea as Dunban walked in, Melias' eyes fixated on the green district.

'I really hate her...and Keyara too! Keyara...she can feel ether...she must be eliminated. She's a threat, a major threat.' Melia thought in anger, knowing Keyara would hinder her plans should she be able around.

"You call for me Melia?" Dunban asked, bowing.

"Yes, I did Dunban. I have noticed that Keyara has been seen with that women, rather than the boy now?" Melia questioned, looking at Dunban, never removing her face from the window.

"Yes. She has been seen around the women, Fiora, rather than the boy, Shulk." Dunban confirmed, dreading what Melia would say.

"I wanted her killed, eliminated, gone!" Melia shouted, fist hitting her table, causing some of the silverware to rattle.

Dunban jumped at the unexpected act from the Princess, and looked at Melia.

"After my first objective is complete, I will destroy her, as you wish." Dunban said, but Melia shook her head.

"No, she would kill you before you get the chance. Someone who knows her will have to do it." Melia stated, thinking...before a devilish smirk crossed her face.

"I know the perfect soldier. Alvis will be the one to kill her. Apparently there are rumors about a little love-tale going on between them. She'll lower her guard, and Alvis will kill her, she won't be able to react to protect herself." Melia stated, proud of her idea.

Dunban nodded, but on the inside, he was shocked beyond belief. He, too, had heard of the love forming between the two, but he never thought anything of it. Now, he feared what would truly happen. After Melia gave him more details, he left Melias, room, he headed toward the sleeping quarter's to Alvis' room, and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" came to sleepy reply from Alvis.

"It's Dunban, open the door." Dunban said, dreading what he would say next.

He heard shuffling from behind the door, and saw the door open, Alvis leaning against the frame in only his pants.

"Another assignment from Melia?" Alvis suggested, thinking that was Dunbans' reason for showing up.

"Yes, and no. No, because you won't be doing in until we dispatch, and yes, because it's Melias' order. You know Keyara, correct?" Dunban questioned, and Alvis stiffened, but gave a slight nod.

"I've heard of her?" Alvis stated, keeping his fear down.

"Well, these are you order's from Melia. When we dispatch, you along with a few others, are to kill Keyara. Take at least three others with you, it'll overwhelm Keyara. These are Melias' orders." Dunban said, and Alvis could only nod, a blank look on his face.

Dunban left, Alvis closed his door, before sinking to his knee's a look of horror on his face. Had Melia found out about them? Why would Melia want Keyara dead? Then it hit Alvis like a ton of bricks. Keyara would feel ether, and tell when something had happened, and where it happened due to the ether. Keyara was also close to Fiora and Shulk, and Alvis held a hand to his mouth as tears appeared. Melia was going to make sure he carried out his duty, one way or another. Alvis slammed a fist onto his door, and growled.

'Melia...I will make you pay for this should I live.' Alvis thought, planning his motives carefully.

With Keyara: Keyara looked at Fiora sternly, tapping her foot against the floor.

"That's not what it looks like to me you two." Keyara said, looking at a blushing Shulk and Fiora, with Fiora giving a nervous giggle.

"I-it's seriouslly not what you think. We were tickiling one another, and...I guess it got out of hand?" Fiora suggested, her blush getting more redder.

"Uh-huh, that's what they all say. Then explain to me why you're straddiling Shulk in a very suggestive way, with a sleeve pulled down?" Keyara stated, a eyebrow raised in question.

"Do I have to lecture you two? I don't mind how far you go, but I would very much like it if you told me you two wanted to be alone. I would've hung out with Sharla and Juju for crying out loud." Keyara said, rubbing her forehead.

"Oh yeah, what about you and Alvis? Exactly how far have you two gone?" Fiora challenged, and Keyara blushed, but smirked, remembering one of their late night get-aways.

"Farther than you two." Keyara said and left, leaving two, blushing blondes who gulped.

"Did not want to know!" Shulk shouted before the door closed and Keyara laughed.

"How naive are they? They fell for it, me and Alvis have only made-out, nothing extreme...yet." Keyara said, heading for the Red District to hang out with Sharla and Juju.

Night: It was something Keyara had always contemplated, but she knew it was inevtiable. She missed havng Alvis around, talking about hobbies, being around one another, the occassional looks they gave on another. Sighing, Keyara rubbed her head, before her eyes widened in horror as the ether rose high dangerously.

"We warned you..." the ether told her, and looking toward the green district, she saw an explosion.
[Xenoblade Daughter of Purple] Chapter 9
Finally got this chapter uploaded, took forever. Anyways, as we can see Keyara is getting even more worried as to what is going on, but she's still not telling. And poor Alvis, his moment with Keyara got ruined by Alvis, and Reyn ruined it, not to mention...Wait...HE HAS TO KILL KEYARA! Will he do it? Or not? We'll find out in the next chapter.

And Fiora with Shulk got BUSTED! And if you're wondering, no Keyara and Alvis haven't done anything further than making out, despite how she acts about it. She mainly did that to tease them and get them to blush. And to turn back to Melia, Keyara is now a major threat to her as Melia knows Keyara can do practically anything.

On another note...HOLY CRAP THE GREEN DISTRICT IS UNDER ATTACK?! What's happening?! Well, if you've been following mine and :icondarkangelofminecraft:'s story of Daughter of Evil, you'll see.

Well, there's a bit of suspense for ya'll at the end. Hope you like it so far.… <-Previous, Next->…

(First->… )
Alright, so I noticed that a lot of people have questions for me. And so no one misunderstands this, this is Melia speaking. Maria is…a little preoccupied at the moment. (Maria is tied to a chair, tape over her mouth as she glares at Melia.) Maria had been answering many questions, that I myself, have wished to answer. Most of these are things I think, feel, and generally deal with Keyara. Alright, now that I’ve explained myself, let the questionaire begin!

Alright, let’s get started. The first question, that I have received many times, is: “Melia, how do you really see Keyara? As a mother, or a sister?”

There’s a simple answer to that. Both! She’s like a mother, because she is caring, is always there to comfort me, and tells me everything is going to be okay. And, if it’s not, she fixes it…which usually means using Ether Blast on someone. And she is an older sister because she is always willing to help, get me out of tough situations, and always has my back. I love working beside her. *giggles*

Another, frequently asked one is: “Melia, are you ever jealous of Alvis?”

…I hate to admit it…but yes. I am rather jealous. I’m jealous of the bond and relationship they have. They always seem to know that other is thinking, they work so well together, and they have been with each other their whole lives. I…I sometimes wish I had that kind of bond with Keyara as they do with the other.

Alright, I don’t need to get depressed. Alright, another is: “If Keyara accepted to be Kallians’ consort, would you have been ecstatic?”

It would never happen. Many of the citizen’s in Alcamoth loathe both Homs and Nopon, but few, like Mac’rish, accept her. Not only that…but…my brother dies. Not only that, but she’s head-over-heels in love with Alvis, she can’t just drop her feelings like that. But, I would have been ecstatic because then it means I could call her Nee-chan! *giggles* …Wait…that is Japanese isn’t it?

Anyways, there’s still a few more. “Melia, if you had to choose to keep one of these people, who would it be? Shulk or Keyara?”

*Blushes* If I had to choose…it would be Keyara. Only because I’ve known her longer, and she’s been there for me more than Shulk. N-not that I’m saying I don’t like Shulk! B-but, I’d rather have Keyara around.

Okay, where is…Aha! Here is it: “Melia, do you wish Keyara would open up more? I noticed she seems to close herself off.”

Okay, this needs some explanation. The only reason Keyara closed herself off was because of Zanza controlling her. She knew he held her free-will and, literally her heart, in his hands, and should she disobey, he’d force her. She didn’t want to get close to anyone and hurt them, but me, Alvis, and the others got her to open up, and smile. And while, yes, I do wish she’s open up more, I know why she doesn’t open up fully. She’s like me, stubborn, and carries the burden by herself, refusing any help, and feeling she has to do things on her own. But, I have a feeling Alvis can fix that. *Winks*

Ahem! Anyways, here’s another. “Melia, how did you and Keyara first meet?”

Wait…did no one read that story? I meet her at Eryth Sea being attacked by some Orluga’s. I had snuck out of the castle, and- erh- was going to meet someone. But…instead, those Orluga’s attacked me, and…well…Keyara was roaming Eryth Sea, and saved me, nearly dying in the process. But, that’s when me and her meet. Since then, we’ve becomes almost like sister’s. *Smiles and giggles.*

Okay, we’ve got just two more left after this one. Ah, this one I love: “Melia, has Keyara ever offered to help you with ether?”

Yes, she has actually. I love it when she does also, that teacher-pupil-relationship appears, and I can’t help but smile. She’s always patient, and does everything she can to help, though, sometimes a plan with backfire, but it’s funny because she’ll laugh. *Giggle* But, she refuses to teach me how to control ether without a staff. That’s requires a bit more of an explanation that Keyara should talk about. …Hey, Maria! You are going to post about Keyara and the ether, right? (Maria rolls her eyes, but nods, mouth still tape.) …I should probably remove the tape, but later. Anyways, let’s continue with the questions.

Alright, Here’s one that I don’t really like talking about. “Melia, have you ever been really mad at Keyara?”

*Goes pale remembering* Yes…and I’ve hated every word I said. Me and Keyara got into a really big argument as to why she was ‘ignoring’ me. I should’ve known her duties as a Guardian were the reason, but I didn’t care as she frolicked around her mentor, Galven. She was explaining that it was extra training due to a failed mission, but I didn’t believe her, and began shouting. We fought for a long time, and I forbid her from entering the Imperial Villa. She ended up tricking me into her room, and explained what was going on, and that I was acting like a child about it. …Which…I suppose I was, for I wasn’t listening to reason. But, in the end it was good, we made up, and our bond was stronger. We knew that no matter what, we would always have the other.

Alright, here’s the last one: “Melia, have you ever been in love with Keyara?”

*Eyes grow wide and a face of digust appears.* W-WHAT IN THE NAME OF MIGHTY BIONIS IS THIS?! Disgusting! No, I have never had those types of feelings for Keyara, and never will! We’re both women, and she is in love with Alvis, as I am with Dunban! …I probably shouldn’t have said that. Oh well, too late, can’t take it back now. Anyways, no, I have never been in love with Keyara, for the love of Bionis, she is like and mother and older sister in one to me. And while, yes some friendship turn into couples, she is nothing more than a sister to me.

Alright, well, that’s the-Huh? Oh, one more just came in. “Melia, how did you feel about Zanzas’ control over Keyara?”

…Isn’t it obvious? I hated him more than I already did. Why would-(Big explosion as a wall explodes and Keyara is seen chasing Zanza who is laughing.) “YOU ARE SO DEAD ZANZA! You’re the one who gave the ‘loving Keyara’ letter to Melia! I am going to kill you!” (Keyara continue’s to chase Zanza, sword glowing green.) ...Well, that answer's where that letter came from. (Looks at hole in wall.) I do hope Zanza realize's he's fixing the wall. Wait...nope, he won't be able to because Keyara will kill him. *sigh* I guess I'll ask the others for help, since, after all, we did invade Marias' house. "DUNBAN, STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN! YOU'RE A KITCHEN DISASTOR! STAY OUT!" ...And that would be Sharla and Fiora telling Dunban to get out of Marias' kitchen. Well, I guess I will see you all at a different time. If any of you have a question, please, feel free to respond to this journal, and either Maria or Keyara will respond as I will be busy with royal duties. Now, I must go untie Maria so she can prevent her house from being destroyed. (Goes toward Maria, and untie's her.)

I'm free!
Okay, now I can talk. Phew, everything was hetic. One second I'm sitting at the computer, then I feel a sharp pain to my neck, and last thing I noticed I'm tied to a chair all the Shulk with his group was there. Well, Zanza and Meyneth were there as well. Anyways, Melia wanted to answers these question's instead, and had tied me down to the chair to prevent me from answering them.

Anyways, at the moment their fixing my wall. ...I really had hoped they'd be calm, but then Zanza had to slip a letter in, and Keyara just had to go on a rampage. Geez, since when did my OC become so violent?

Well, I'll hopefully be uploading the next chapter to DoP soon. ^^ See ya'll!
Okay, so this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 28, 29, 30 I won't be getting on.

I will be over in North Carolina for something called OCC, or as the title says Operation Chirstmas Child. Too long to explain, so look it up. ^^; Or as Luka says, "Go Google it!"

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know so they didn't freak out as to why I wasn't responding. Also, until I return I won't be uploading anything either. I will upload pictures though of while I was at North Carolina.

But until them, no one panic, I am alive and kicking, just won't be on those 3 days. ^^

Hope you all have a Awesome Thanksgiving!
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I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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DarkAngel222 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Oh my god Kacy.  Your art has just gotten so much drastically better.  It truly is amazing, really.  Keep up the GREAT work <3
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Its mostly just bases and games.
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