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Okay, so I have decided that I want to stop posting stories here on DA. It's not that I don't like DeviantArt, it's just I feel like my stories would do better on my account.

I will still upload art and things of the source, but stories will now be on; but the stories I currently have here will remain. I just want my DA account to be about my art, and my account to be about my stories; I just see it simpler that way.

I will still reply to messages and RP's of the sort here on DeviantArt, if I can even get back into RP's, haven't had much motivation lately. (I blame Supernatural for that, it's take over my life; watching it non-stop, and been making fanfic's on it.)

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know what was going on. If you ever wanna find my on, just look up Maria65, the names are the same, as are the picture icon's. ^^
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InuYasha and Katinara-Arguing by Maria65
InuYasha and Katinara-Arguing
What else is to be expect between the older sister and younger brother? Arguing, fighting...but they are always there for one another.

Anyways, hadn't done anything InuYasha in a long time so I thought it was about time I did something. ^^

Hope ya'll like it.

Katinara belongs to me, :iconmaria65:
InuYasha belongs t Rumiko
Base belongs to :iconsoftybases:
Name: Claire Nightwing
Age: 20
Series: How To Train Your Dragon
Ability: (If any) Can understand dragons and read dragon runes, as well as speak draconic back to them.
Dragon: (If any) She has two Nightfuries, one she gives to Astrid.
Likes: Dragon's, Berk, the island they raise dragon's on. Inventing new things.
Dislikes: Mataku, Sasha, the past Berk, her old home.
Personality:Independent, strong willed, loyal, protective, tries to be truthful, mature, hard to anger, motherly. She tends to trust dragon's more the vikings, slightly untrusting, gets annoyed easily is pestered enough, finds it hard to change her life.
Appearance: Light blue eyes, peach/tan skin, white hair that is always in a ponytail starting at the neck. Wears brown and green clothes to blend into the forest that was her home. In the village she wear's some blue, white, black, or red clothes.
History: Claire lived in a village that breed Nightfuries, and as a result she had lived with them all her life. She is not the first in her village to have understood dragon's, nor was she the first the speak draconic; but she used her ability openly while those before her kept their ability secret. After a attack the rendered the village helpless and Claire having been the target, she was banished from her village and left with her Nightfury, Sevnera, the Nightfury she grew up with.
She moves into the forest surrounding Berk and finds a white egg that is cold, but her and Sevnera allow the egg to thrive and it eventually hatches, revealing a pure white Nightfury. The white Nightfury was not all that uncommon in her village, but seeing it pure colored was rare. She lives in the forest for 10 years and eventually meets Hiccup when she turns 20 years old.
After awhile of being questioned how she had two Nightfuries, she explains a little about her village and Hiccup eventually offer's her to live with them in Berk. Claire accepts and soon becomes good friends with everyone, especially with Astrid who she treat's like a little sister.
She does a lot of things in the village and writes things down in the Book of Dragon's to better help others understand dragon's. She also helps drive Mataku off Berk when he proves to be a bother and also fights him as he had joined the outcasts.
She moves with the others to the island where the dragon's are being raised and stays there most of the time, and it helps Frosteva, the pure white Nightfury to get better. She gave Frosteva to Astrid as a birthday present and Frosteva mainly hangs around Toothless.
She soon falls in love with a boy from her village who went looking for her after she was gone for a year.

Name: Mataku
Age: 23
Series: How To Train Your Dragon
Ability: (If any.) Can predict the weather and read the tides.
Dragon: (If any.) Skrill-Black with purple lightening designs.
Likes: Claire, his dragon, the outcasts, himself.
Dislikes: Hiccup, Berk, when Claire refuses to love him.
Personality: Arrogant and persistent, yet protective and loyal, but he is easily swayed. Overconfident, defensive, easy to anger, slightly laid back on a good day, can be soft and caring if he likes you.
Appearance: Dark brown almost black hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, always wears black or brown clothes, usually has a shoulder guard, and armor shoes to his knee's.
History: Not much in known on Mataku as he doesn't really talk about himself, but his Skrill, Thunder-Bane, is a different story.
Thunder-Bane has told Claire about Mataku's past and that Mataku is part of the outcasts. Mataku is possessive of Claire as he like's her a bit and that turns to obsession when she refuses him after learning he's with the outcasts. Sevnera eventually ends his life when he tries to kill Claire but pushing him into a volcano and Thunder-Bane is set free.

Name: Sasha Lightheart
Age: 19
Series: How To Train Your Dragon
Ability: (If any.) None
Dragon: (If any.) Deadly Nadder
Likes: Her dragon, Hiccup, Darian
Dislikes: Astrid, Claire, Nightfuries, the Outcasts
Personality: Cheery, Friendly, Loyal, Protective, Stubborn, Defensive, Obsessed with Hiccup, Easy to Anger, Jealous
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, peach/tan skin, freckles, usually wears brown or green clothing.
History: Sasha was a light hearted girl until her parents were killed by Nightfuries when she was young and her older brother took care of her. When she turned 16 he was killed by an attack from the Outcasts, but by then she was able to take care of herself though her neighbor's looked after her every now and then.
She came to like Hiccup a lot and was jealous of Astrid as a result and was worried Heather or Claire would steal him, but when neither turned true she kept her jealousy of Astrid and Claire. Sasha eventually tries steal Frosteva from Astrid but Stormfly and Toothless put a stop to that real quick.
Sasha is always challenging Astrid to a battle but ends up fighting Claire when the older girl interferes but due to her harsh attacks on the two girls, Sasha is banished from the Island where Hiccup raises the dragons and her Deadly Nadder is taken from her.

Name: Darian
Age: 22
Series: How To Train Your Dragon
Ability: (If any.) Can read Dragon Runes.
Dragon: (If any.) Egg Biter and Nightfury-Draco and Sintaki
Likes: Claire, Berk, the Dragon Academy, Hiccup and his friends.
Dislikes: Mataku, the outcasts, his village's decision.
Personality: Very loyal, smart, strong, protective, friendly, see's things positively, misunderstand's things quickly, is clueless at points, stubborn, defensive when it comes to Draco and Sintaki.
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale tan skin, usually wears black, blue or green clothes, always carries a sword.
History: Darian was a good friend of Claire and they were very close, and due to the village having bred Nightfuries, his Nightfury, Sintaki was very close to Sevnera and the two would've had a batch of egg's but Claire and Sevnera were chased from the village. A year later, Darian ran off to try and find them, hoping to help them and protect them.
During his travels, he found a small egg which revealed to be an Egg Biter, which he named Draco. He has a similar ability in reading Dragon Runes, but he cannot understand dragon's speech nor speak draconic but he's fine with it.
He had a hate for the outcasts as they were the ones who attacked the village that resulted in Claire being banished. He eventually finds Claire when she was wounded trying to calm and distressed dragon and helps her back to health. He eventually flies her back to Berk after they get reacquainted and learns of the new friends she's made.
He comes to see Hiccup as a younger brother of sorts after he start's living with Claire; and soon marries Claire as Sevnera and Sintaki have a batch of egg's.

The village Darian and Claire are from breed's Nightfuries which is why both Darian and Claire have a Nightfury. Hiccup wants to visit the village but after Darian and Claire state it's not a good idea, he drops if after learning the reason. And the village does make an appearance when a person from the village appears on a Skrill's back. They don't only have Nightfuries, they have a lot of different dragon's but they were hoping to repopulate the Nightfury race.
How To Train Your Dragon-Bio's
Okay, so I know I haven't really done a story of Darian or Sasha but that's cause their kinda new...kinda new as in I made them during Rider's of Berk. I haven't seen HTTYD Movie 2, but I have seen some of Race to the Edge but I cannot for the life of me remember the Island's name that Hiccup begin's to practically stay at.

Well, just thought I'd update a few things on the Biography's of the character's.


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I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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