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It was around 2009, I think, when I found the site. Or was it 2008? I can't remember, but I hadn't actually posted anything for a long time, at least until I got back from a Church Trip, when I began to understand about DA thanks to a friend of mine.

I think I actually began posting things back in 2010, but I can't really remember. I stumbled upon DA due to looking for bases to make characters. When I actually found one, I went to the sight, thinking I would find quite a few. I ended up loving DA because it not only had awesome art, but cool little flash films, stories, and games. I thought: "Hey, maybe I could post some things." Thing was, I didn't have a scanner, and still don't, so I use dolls and bases to get my characters up, and to show people what they look like.

Being on DA has made me realize that their are actually a lot of people like me, people I can relate to, and people who I'd like to meet IRL and become good friends with them. A few of you may know who I am in IRL, and those that I want to meet IRL probably know who you are. XP

I also came to learn that there are people I can confide in, even if it's only online, and that, yeah I may have lost a friend here or there, but I gained new one's. I thought there were people who liked my art, but they just wanted to steal my art. Hopefully, no one else will do that to me. Well, so far I've had a fun 4 years here on DA. (I really think I joined back in 2009, but whatever.)

Hope the years to come will keep being fun! ^^
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Experiment #65
United States
I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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