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Okay, so I realized I probably will not get Envoy posted before I move, but there is still good news.

I will probably be able to get me a laptop before I leave. Originally, I was to get my half-brother's desktop, but...something happened when I tried to download Microsoft Word 2010 (Because that's the one I'm used to.), and something went wrong and completely screwed the computer up. I seriously don't know what happened, but I'm not dealing with it. Knowing my luck, if I tried to fix it...I'd make matter's worse. I have no idea how to remove whatever the heck got onto the computer, and I'm not going to spend 60-100 dollars on a virus remover when I'm trying to save money to move in with my fiance, and two of our friends into a new apartment.

Well, Envoy will not be finished before I move, but I am pretty far into the story. I just got to Triaito Highlands, and they've meet Akina. I still have a long way before she meets Akane, her last Eidolon partner, Quekulan (Renamed Quelane to make things easier.), knows her true past, and fights her final battle with Reinhardt. But it's progressing...slowly, but surely. (I just took a break from it. T^T My hands hurt.)

Well, just wanted to let you all know what's going on.
Okay, as for my curiosity, what do you all think of Twilight and Maria actually having a filly?

Don't get me wrong, I am still a huge Twilestia fan...but what do you all think about Maria and Twilight having a filly? I mean, yeah Maria and Raiden have a filly, Marie Thunder, but I haven't actually done anything about her. And Maria's and Twilight's filly would probably be a result of a magical mishap, or a party. You all decide.

I have already started on a design for her, but I have yet to decide on a name, or a cutie mark. So I am asking name suggestion's, and cutie mark idea's. Maria is angelic, and Twilight is magical, so maybe a combination? I dunno, you all help me please! T^T I actually like the idea of them having a filly myself, but it's up to you all.

So, if they have a filly, please:
Help me with a name,
Help me with a cutie mark,
And if you like the idea of them having a filly.
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Maria and Sachi by Maria65
Maria and Sachi
Okay, so in Aura Kingdom, I finally got Merrilee (aka Sachi) to evolve into her 3rd star form. Personally, I like this form better than her original, so I'll probably keep her like this for some time. ^^; Anyways, in the story, Envoy, Sachi doesn't transform into this until nearing the final battle, where she transforms into his form due to her emotion's when Maria is nearly killed.

Also, I have not revealed it yet, but BAT and a certain person, Taka, will be making reappearance's in the story, and Abbadon will show up soon. At the moment he hasn't made an appearance in Envoy yet, but he will show up soon once Taka is mentioned more.

I'm kind of thinking of making Sachi transform into her 3rd star evolution during the battle with Taka seeing as both Marias' and Sachis' emotion's will be raging because of their hate toward what Taka has done. Well, time to get working on Envoy. ^^

Merrilee, Candeo Marsh belongs to Aeria Games-Aura Kingdom
Maria66(65), and the NAME Sachi belong to me, :iconmaria65:
Anya's Praise by Maria65
Anya's Praise
I find it funny whenever Anya praise's Maria or the MC in general because she seem's to be a very stereotypical-stoic Templar that everyone believe's to never show emotion. It's not true though as they prove when Anya seem's to become the MC's best friend. XD

Well, just thought it'd be cute to show this screeny. ^^

Anya belongs to Aeria Games-Aura Kingdom
Maria66(65) belongs to me, :iconmaria65:


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Experiment #65
United States
I am really creative when it comes to drawing and writing, though sometimes when I write stories, random things happen, but I'm working on fixing those things.
I get writers block a lot, but I still find something to write about.

And yes, I love anime, video games, and MLP.

And I might get alot of flaming because I love Twilestia, but get over it. I like the couple, and I'm not changing what I like. Also, I love to make fanfiction, and if you don't like the pairing's in it, don't tell me. Just don't read it!

I am a baptist, and if your wondering I am a girl.

I love music, things like Nickleback, Evanescence, Kat-Tun, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Sether, Paramore, and Eminem.

I also love the song Until The Day I Die, by Story Of The Year.

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